Demon Wondering

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Chapter Thirteen: A familiar feeling

Vine decided he need to act and stop feeling sorry for himself or he'd never save anyone. The witch's activities seemed to centre round Salem so he decided to tail her all day.

After sitting in a tree watching her draw for five hours there was only one thing he felt boredom.

"Still watching your little witch?" Alder commented in a mocking tone as he appeared on the branch across from Vine.

"Did you find anything?" He asked not bothering to take his comments to heart as he watched Salem walking off towards the only apartment blocks in this small town.

"The trail lead half a mile out town then we lost it as they used demons to cover there tracks" Alder informed him making Vine nod as he took in the information it was definitely the work of this father put finding him was proving difficult.

"What do you suggest we do?" Vine asked noticing it was starting to get dark as the clear blue sky was disturb with strikes of pink.

"We can't find that at the moment. Our best option is to wait for them to make a move as they seem to interested in our presence here anyway"

Vine listened closely to Alder he could only agree to what he was saying but Vine couldn't bring himself to tell them that Salem was also a target of the witches too. He couldn't put his head straight on why he didn't want them to know, was he worried that they would hurt her for the information? Or was it because he didn't want them to take her from him?. "knowing my father he's already planning his next moves"

"You need to stay away from that witch of yours" Alder said coldly making Vine stare at him feeling his anger bubbling.

"And why is that?" He asked trying to not let the anger consume him. He was getting more annoyed at Alder demands all the time he spoke to him.

"Beltane! Is next week and she is slowly becoming your greatest weakness" Alder told him before disappearing from his sight and out of this reach again. Beltane the one festival Vine hated amongst all and he was going to have to spend it on earth with humans.

The hotel was lively again tonight as he was working behind the bar to help serve drinks. Sometimes he contemplated actually wanting to stay in this place once all this was over. "I didn't know you could sing so well" A voice commented making him snap out of his train of thought to see Salem standing there. She looked amazing in a short black dress so much so that his heart had started to beat loudly.

"You never asked" He said cheerfully trying to act as calm as possible in her presence but he was failing quickly.

"Where did you learn to play?" She asked walking closer to him making him want to get closer to, he should of listened to Alder warnings Beltane was coming and he want her.

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