Demon Wondering

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Chapter Fourteen

He needed distance from her quickly, his instinct where against him as his mind filled with thoughts of taking her right here on the bar in front of everyone. To stake his claim to anyone what want her to themselves and make her realise that she belong completely to him and only him. He hadn't realised it himself that he was moving closer to her till his arm brushed against her shoulder. "Are you okay?" She asked nievely looking up at him, he wanted to so much to wipe that look off her face and replaced it with pleasure.

"I'm okay, it's just that you look breathtaking tonight" he said without even contemplating what he had said as his hand reach out and touch her cheek on its own. The blush on her was all the invitation his body need as he kissed her. The animalistic growl that ripped through his chest shocked even him as his hands grabbed at any part of her body her could.

"We can't people are watching" she muttered in a weak protest as his hand found her zipper. He couldn't stop, he didn't want to stop at all his mind was racing with what would happen next as he picked her up carrying her out into a empty corridor.

"Vine! Stop!" Alder command broke into this sanity as he looked round to see no-one around quickly pulling away from Salem to see that she seemed almost disappointed by his actions.

"I'm sorry! I got caught up in the moment" he managed to yell out before quickly running away from her and locking himself in his room.

Salem stood there completely confused at what had just happened. Her mind race with thoughts of him rejecting her as tears built in her eyes. Leaving out the back of the hotel to not let people see her on the lonely walk home she couldn't help but feel hurt.

"We meet again! Sister" Mathius said coldly as he grabbed her by the throat pulling her close to him.

"Leave me alone!" She screamed trying to pull away from as she tried to run.

"Not this time!" He yelled grabbing her tightly as he quickly teleported them into the woods "You don't have that demon to protect you know your coming home with me"

"What demon?" She asked in completely shock as he dragged her further away from town and the place she had come to like.

"He hasn't told you" he muttered almost trying to hold in a laugh "That boyfriend of your is Vine De Valentine, A crown prince of hell"

"Your lying" She screamed trying to break out of her brother grasp but it wasn't working, how had become so powerful so suddenly.

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