Demon Wondering

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Chapter Fifteen

Vine sat with his back to the door shaking badly every cell in his body was telling him to go after what was his. The wood crackle with flames of rage whirl around him, "They've taken Salem" Alder informed him which made the flames burn brighter in colour that before.

"She's mine" he muttered coldly standing up, he knew that he would kill anyone that got in his away to take her back. As opened the door and followed the trail his magic had left behind from there escape.

"Would you at least wait for the others" Alder said before sighing in frustration as he followed the trail of burning trees Vine had left in his wake. He knew in the morning that the humans would put this down to a forest fire, he wondered if the King had actually sent them here to kill the traitor or to stop this cousin from rampaging over the whole world in his anger.

Salem was thrown down hard onto the mable floor of the council chamber to be greeted by her old coven. "Hand it over dear sister" Mathius said almost sweetly as he tried to take the crystal away from her.

"No! I won't let you do this" She yelled trying to move away from him and the others.

"So this is the one that knows the spell" A guttural voice asked in this darkness of the floor as Salem's eyes tried to figure out where it was coming from.

"Yes!" Saige said simply as she looked over the helpless girl, she couldn't believe the former coven leader had entrusted such a unless witch with the spell to the portal so easily.

"So your the one my ungrateful son likes" the added as the room seemed to glow brighter finally she saw him. The man was sitting on a throne at the back of the room in a simple black suit, his eyes stared coldly at her as she felt the flames that flickered in his eyes seep into her soul like she was burning alive in fear.

"Who are you?" She managed to get out after caughting her breath from the shaking her body was doing out of fear.

"I'm the rightful king of this world and the other now, you will open this portal for me or I'll spend you back to my son in pieces"

The screams of agony drowned out any refuses she was going to give him as the door to the chamber burst into nothing but a wall of flames. "Leave her alone" The animalistic growl screamed from behind the door before they were sent flying towards the demon.

"Now that's not the way to greet your father after so long" the demon commented simply as Salem sat in horror noticing the flaming door had broken into millions of pieces at his feet.

"Father! It's time I finish what you started" Vine answered calmly for the first time since he arrived. Salem was dumbfounded at his appearance the blue eyes had been replaced with fire pit and his hair had grown longer and turned so black that it had completely lost any colour to it at all.

Alder arrived not long after Vine to see the burnt corpses of witches everywhere the smell made him feel sick as he found the girl sat on the floor in completely awe of the two demons fighting in front of her. "Come with me! Vine will kill us all if your hurt" Alder said helping her to her feet before teleporting them both out of the building.

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