Demon Wondering

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Chapter Sixteen

His claws ripped into his father's skin chasing it to burn away to his delight and they fought the room burned around them. "Vine! I knew I should of killed you" His father laughed sinking his claws into Vine's ribs so hard he heard one shatter but he kept fighting, the blood pooled around them as they took out chunks of flesh from each other. Vine screamed feeling his blood boil more as he launched himself hard into his father causing them to smash through one of the burning walls.

"Enough!" A voice yelled body started to sizzle and burn in agony glancing over at his father he saw Mathius standing next to him holding a now empty bucket of holy water in this hand.

"Stay out of this!" Vine screamed trying to get back to his feet but all the energy in his body had completely left him as he struggles to his knees before falling back down.

"Let's leave, Master" Mathius said before helping the traitor to his feet, All Vine could do was scream in frustration and agony before everything went black.

"He's in danger" Salem muttered watching the building falling apart in front of her, it was like every bad memory she had of that place was buring down around her. "Save him" She screamed at the demon making him look at her in shock before nodding and disappeared instantly. She stood there feeling completely numb as she watched the flames dancing into the sky, the tears pooled in her eyes to see the demon reappear dragging Vine with him.

"Damn it" The Demon cursed going into his pockets and emptying the two bottles of water he was carrying over the body, Vine didn't even look human anymore all his skin was burt with blacked edges.

"He needs to see a doctor" She muttered stared at him feeling her heartache at the sight of him.

"We can't take a demon to a human doctor" Alder muttered coldly as he waited for Vine to heal but it was taking to long for any demon to heal normally. "Follow me and don't tell anyone about where we are going" Alder warned her as he picked Vine back up and started to walk away with the frightened human tailing behind him like a lost sheep.

"Where are we going?" Salem finally got the courage to ask as they walked out of the forest to see a small town in the distance.

"I need to call in a favour to save this idiot" Alder said dragging the unconscious idiot towards the biggest and most gothic looking mansion in this whole place.

"Why did he save me?" Salem asked feeling guilty about what had happened. It was her fault Vine was hurt all because he came to save her.

"Your his, Salem" Alder said looking at her coldly before trying to more faster with the dead weight on his back.

"What does that even mean?" She asked out of frustration she had her Vine yelling that earlier too.

"Your his possession, he owns you and wants you. It's that hurt thing you humans call love"

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