Demon Wondering

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Chapter Seventeen

The human was still following him as he knocked on the massive oak door. "Hello! Alder" A voice said sweetly from behind him as he turned to see her waiting patiently for him, Alder knew she would of sense them as soon as he stepped out of the forset.

"Morrigan I'm calling in my favourite" He told her which made her nod before letting them inside the mansion.

"What happend to this one then?" She finally asked as Vine was laid down in one of the many room in the house.

"A fight with his father are you not keeping up to date on the other side?" Alder almost seemed to tease the women. Salem was taken aback by her, the curled hair that looked like a purple waterfall of locks and the glowing green eyes made her look more like a goddess than a demon.

"I have my hands full sorting out the mess they send up all the time. So forgive me if I'm not completely up to date" She muttered coldly at Alder before starting to chant of words that Salem had never heard before as blue flames surrounded Vine's unconscious body.

"Alder let Miss Morrigan work in peace" Another voice said Salem looked round to see a terrifying looking man standing in the doorway, he was well built and had long black hair and piecing black eyes.

"Vinen! Still the loyal lap dog I see" Adler said moving over to the massive man as they stared coldy at each other.

"Troublemaker" Vinen mutter back at him not bothering to move from the doorframe or give up his relaxed pose.

"You two get out" Morrigan whispered in the most sinister voice Salem had ever hear which made her shiver as the two men instantly left the room. "Are you bonded with him?"

"No! What does that even mean?" Salem asked looking at her oddly she had never heard anything about making a bond before.

"Demons create pacts to survive and draw power from other creatures. To bond with a demon is to spare power equally between two demons and become one its the same as a marriage" She told the girl as simply as she could think of explaining anything demon related. Salem stood there not sure what to say or do as the chanting continued to fill the room over the eerie silence.

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