Demon Wondering

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Chapter Eighteen

Salem followed Morrigan out of the room in silence, She didn't know if she was meant to follow her or not but the women's presence was telling her to follow for some reason she wasn't sure off. "Why are you always chasing trouble?" A voice yelled as she walked into the living room to see Venin arguing with Alder again.

"Really! And I was meant to just let the next in line to the Demon King's throne died!" Alder commented staring at him coldly with the blood red eyes that made Salem shiver from the rage that was boiling at the surface.

"Demon King?" Salem asked walking into the room noticing everyone else had gone silent.

"There are seven demon Kings that rule over different areas in the underworld Vine is a Prince and second in line to the throne now that is Cousin is King" Alder told her simply making Salem's head spin more she had learnt that her potential boyfriend had gone from human to demon to Royalty in such a short space of time.

"Your confusing the poor girl, Alder" Another voice added making Salem jump as she looked behind her to see a man with long black hair and glowing ice blue eyes that looked almost ice appeared from the wall.

"Lord Luan" Vinen greeted bowing from his seated position which made the man roll his eyes at the action.

"How many time do I have to tell? Luan is fine" Lord Luan informed him making him nod slightly but then went incredibly silent again.

"You address him as Lord but I'm just Miss to you" Morrigan muttered coldly as she stared at Venin to see the silent man cringe slightly.

"How is the patient?" Luan asked looking over at Morrigan and then at the others in the room carefully, he seemed to be thinking more carefully than the others.

"He should be waking up soon but he was lucky to make it through" Morrigan said brushing it off simply as if it happened everyday.

"Why did you agree to help them anyway? My love" Lucan asked looking over at Morrigan with the most loving eyes Salem had ever seen.

"We can't someone like Gabriel De Beelzebub loose up here, He's too dangerous even for us" She told him grimly making Luan nod slightly as he looked at the newcomer in his household. "And who is this?"

"Oh! This is the human girl Lord Vine seems quite interested in" Alder said brushing Salem off which made her feel almost annoyed.

"My name is Salem" She mutted coldly staring down the red eyed demon.

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