Demon Wondering

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Chapter Nineteen

Vine's head was pounding as his eyes adjusted to the bright room looking around he was shocked to see the gothic decorated room. Getting up made his head spin but he needed to make sure Salem was safe and where on earth he was. The voices from downstairs echoed into the silent of the corridor as he finally got out of the room.

"Our guest is a awake" A male voice muttered before Vine had even made it into what he guessed was the living room of the massive Manson. Vine stood in to doorway silently to see Salem with a man and women he hadn't seen before looking her over quickly he noticed that she seemed find.

"Who are you? And where am I?" He finally asked staring at the two new people oddly something about the man's face worried him as his demon's eyes flickered on the face to see parts of a skull appearing and disappearing there was no way these two where human at all.

"Alder bought you here for treatment. My name is Morrigan De Azrael and this is my husband Luan" The women said simply as Vine noticed the glowing green eyes that where inhuman as well.

"Azrael as in the Knights of Azrael?" He asked looking at them oddly the man didn't say much at all but it was obvious he was calculating all his words carefully.

"Yes! They are our personal knights" Luan said finally speaking which made Vine shiver in fear slightly, the Knights were deadly assassins whoever controlled them may even be more powerful than him. Vine eyes locked onto Salem's to see she was staring at him, his mind suddenly snapped into working again remember his energy was almost zero as he struggled to stand against the wall which meant this true form was on display to her.

"I'm sorry, Salem I owe you a lot of answers" He muttered feeling the guilt sinking into his heart maybe he should of told her soon but the rampage must of horrified her.

"Let's leave these two chat" Morrigan said walking out of the room quickly to see Luan follow her through the walk. Vine sat down on the sofa facing Salem waiting for her to ask the cat was well and truly out of the bag after the rampage anyway.

"How long have you know the witches where after me?" She asked trying wrap her head round everything.

"Not long after we first met they were cursing you" he admitted honestly he didn't want to keep secrets from her anymore and considering they where after her as much as he was after his father.

"What are you?" She asked looking into his burning eyes in almost awe he was completely different from the raging monster he had seemed to be yesterday.

"My name is Vine De Valentine, I'm the second in line to the throne to the Demon King Alaster De Beelzebub, He's my cousin. I'm also a lust demon" he told her hoping not to scare her away from him more.

"Why did you help me?" Was all she could ask now. Why was he protecting her all this time without telling her.

"At first it was to help me find information on the information on my father but then I started to develop feeling for you" he told her feeling a blush starting to form on the last sentence but he wanted to get everything out there.

"I see! I need time to think about all this"

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