Demon Wondering

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Chapter Two: Bad Choices

Vine sat at the women's table feeling completely uncomfortable he had learnt her name was Mary and her husband's name was Zachariah, he was at least ten years older than Mary and treated her like child more than his wife. They had three children that all screamed at the sight of him and won't stop. It reminded of a book that his father had which meantioned pure souls could sense danger in demons more he could understand it now as his ear felt like they where going to burst. "I'm sorry they are usually well manner children" Mary said as an apology before rushing the children out the room and to bed.

"My wife tells me your from out of town!" Zachariah said eyeing Vine but which made Vine feel nervous almost he didn't know how to answer the question so just nodded to him.

"Enough talk! Let's eat" Mary announced returning the room, Vine was shot a dirty look after picking up the knife and fork which left him completely confused.

"Didn't your family ever teach you how to say grace" Zachariah scolded him making Vine drop his knife and fork he kept reminding himself that he was in the man's house and should be as polite as possible. Once the praying started Vine head felt like it was splitting in two as a stabbing pain started to absolute the back of his eyes, he squinted feeling the burning in his eyes return till the prayimg stopped.

"Thank you for the meal but I must be going" Vine muttered trying to excuse himself from them this was getting dangerous for him.

"Nonesence! Stay the night and I'll take you to the nearest town tomorrow it's over two hours away on foot" Zachariah told him which Vine could only agree too, he had no clue where he was and the fact that Mary had made his backpack disappear off the coat rake hadn't escaped his notice either.

The room he was given was on the fare side of house away from the screaming children and the parents that were next door to the children. Vine lay in the strange room feeling miserable he missed home already and the bed was the most uncomfortable bed he had ever slept on in his life.

Vine must have fallen asleep because the next thing he knew, he was awoken by a weight pressing on him. He felt grinding as well from a hand on his groin and as it stopped he felt hands undo the button of his jeans and his eyes shot open. Vine's glare was the glare of death as he moved her hands, then went to move her as she pressed herself against him and then whimpered.

"Please, take me." She begged kissing him on his lips. He growled and tried to move away but she was pressing into him more, reaching her hand down and into his pants passed his boxers and was touching him, trying desperately to stroke it, he shuddered in horror. Vine let out the most animalistic growl he could before removing her hand and forcing her off of himself.

"Leave, Now!" He growled through his teeth. Mary had ran in her underwear and all out of the room like the hounds of hell were after her.

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