Demon Wondering

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Chapter Twenty

'She needs time' He told himself as he tried to think about anything else but her as beltine was growing closer each day his eyes wouldn't stop wondering to her and all he wanted was to take her in his arms. "I need you to lock me up" He finally told Luan as he finally couldn't take the torment his mind was putting him through.

"If that is what you want" Luan said simply walking away from him as Vine checked the date to see that beltine was tonight and he didn't want to force her at all.

Salem sat on the porch watching Venin and Alder fighting again since coming her she had noticed the two men would argue about anything. "Unmarried demons are the worst today" Morrigan told her as she brought out two cans of soda and handed her one.

"Why is that?" Salem asked looking at her oddly it was just the spring festival tonight it held no difference to humans at all.

"Oh! I forgot that you don't know much about demons" Morrigan said shrugging slightly as she watched the two demons fighting off all the built up tension they probably felt. "Beltine to demon's time to reproduce, All man demons will seek a female tonight to mate with"

"Am I safe?" Salem asked feeling her heartbeat thumping out of fear as she looked over at the two demons that could be considered threats now.

"Yes! Vine has already declared you as his to them so they won't chase you. Though Vine will try" She told her honestly she was shocked to see a blush forming on the girls cheeks because of it.

"Where is Vine?" Salem asked looking around oddly, she had wanted to talk to him for a while. It was true that she was a little mad that he hadn't told her but she couldn't denied that he made her happy since she had met him.

"He asked Luan to lock him up till beltine is over so he won't force you into anything you don't want to do"

Night drew in quickly and Salem couldn't sleep, She lay there thinking about Vine wondering is he was okay down there deciding to check on him for her own sanity. She headed down to the basement as every step she took seemed to be the only noise in the massive house, they others had gone to a bonfire hours early and hadn't come back which made the house even creepier. Opening the door to the basement she noticed it was pitch black down there finding a torch in one of the kitchen draws she knew she couldn't turn back as she descended the stairs. Each step add more to her doubt as she walked on noticing the jail cell that lined the walls. The rattling of chains in the darkness was the first thing that alerted her to his presence as she moved the torch towards cell at the back of the room. Vine was sat on the floor with chains wrapped tightly round his arms and legs, he looked like he could hardly breath let alone move as his eyes locked onto hers. "Why are you here?" He asked looking at her in horror.

"I wanted to make sure your okay" she told him walking closer.

"You need to run now" he yelled at her feeling it starting as his mind was slipping as he tried to pull himself from the chains. "Salem please run now before its too late"

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