Demon Wondering

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Chapter Twenty One

Salem watched as her curiosity got the better of her as he thrashed his body against the chains with no thought of damage he was chasing himself. "Salem" The animalistic growl echoed making her body heat up almost instantly just from him saying her name. "So beautiful" his eyes roamed her body hungrily as she tried to forced herself to back way from him but there seemed to be a pull towards him as her body wanted nothing more but to give herself to him. "Do you not want me?" He asked trying to pull at the chains that held him tight again but they weren't loosening there grip at all.

Yes she wanted him but knowing the lengths he had gone to stop this before he lost complete control made her realise that this wasn't right as she managed to start to walk backwards away from him. "Come to me" His voice demanded as she tried to fight it moving further away from him.

"No! I can't" she told him but more than anything she was telling herself as she finally built up enough willpower to run for the stairs but it was too late as the sounds of chains breaking echoed into the darkness.

"Come here" The voice order in the darkness as she felt herself turn around and walk back towards the cell without even meaning too. Getting close she noticed the bars where still in place but the chains where scattered over the floor as Vine stood in the centre of the cell staring at her. "Let me out" He walked closer to the cell door reaching a hand out and stroking her cheek softly.

"I don't have the key" She managed to mutter out as she felt herself almost falling apart just from the touch of his hand. Every second she wasn't close to him was becoming a teasing agony.

"Then you should get it" He told her sweetly making her shivering with pure joy of all the things that would happen if she got the key. She wanted to find that key as soon as possible but her mind was screaming at her not to knowing that if she did then she would never to go back to being friends with him even she didn't even know if she wanted that or not.

"You can't be near him right now" A voice said coldly she looked behind her to see Luan standing there coldly looking at her in the darkness.

"Why aren't you at the festival?" Was all she could ask as he grabbed her arm and dragged her away from the cell quickly.

"Because it doesn't effect me like other demons" he told her simply once he had got her out of the basement completely and locked the door behind them. "Now go to bed and speak to him tomorrow, silly child" he added before disappearing in front of her in a cloud of fog. Salem wanted to kick herself as she got back to the room she was given knowing Luan was completely right.

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