Demon Wondering

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Chapter Twenty Two

Vine was let out of the cell feeling nothing but exhausted this body was against him as he stumbled up the stairs towards the living room. Reasoning it was much effort to get up another set of stairs he decided the sofa would do as he feel down into it.

Salem woke up feeling exhausted she must of had about two hours sleep if that. Deciding that coffee would help her wake up more she headed down into the kitchen no-one was around in the early morning so she quickly made the coffee and headed into the black and red decorated living room that was mostly black with a few piece of red furniture dotted around. Sitting down on one of the only chairs she decided to flick through the tv programmes she finally stopped on some terrible early morning talk show with families and couples arguing. "What a load of crap" She said to the TV but continued to watch anyway so there was some noise around the house as most people seemed to be sleeping in. She looked around feeling bored of the tv programmes after a few minutes of the show as her eyes finally spotted him sleeping on the sofa. His hair was brushed slightly over his eyes as he lay there looking the most peaceful she had ever seen him, looking at him now is was obvious he wasn't human his skin to pale and flawless and the long dark brown hair almost seemed black as it didn't seem to shine at all in the sun light. "He's good looking I'll give him that" she muttered to herself as she moved closer to him deciding to have a closer look. As she leaned over him slightly noticing that his eyelashes were really long and that his lip had a slight scar on it.

"All demons are consider beautiful to humans" A voice said making her jump back in embarrassment to see Morrigan trying to hold in a laugh as she watched her.

"Oh I see" She muttered trying the hide the embarrassment that was growing as her face burned like the sun. The sound of movement made her look to see that Vine was waking up slowly.

"Goodmoring" he muttered sitting up slowly rubbing his eyes lazily before looking around to see Salem looking at him almost in horror "I didn't think I looked that bad in the morning" he muttered looking at her oddly as he felt almost embarrassed by her staring.

"You look amazing in the morning" she muttered then froze in horror realising she had said it outloud before running out of the room in more embarrassment.

Vine sat there feeling completely confused at what had just happened as he didn't know if he should chase after her or not. "You should go after her" Morrigan told him making him nod as he got up from the sofa slowly and fallowed after Salem outside he noticed her sitting on the porch blushing like crazy. She looked beautiful to him, her hair shone brightly in the sun as her eyes took on angelic glow in the early morning light.

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