Demon Wondering

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Chapter Twenty Four

The dinner room was soon covered in maps of the location make out as the hideout as the rest of Nyx and Caius soon join the others. "What's the plan?" Alder asked looking at him which made Vine look at him in wonder he didn't have one at all.

"I suggest we do a two a front attack as where they are hiding has two exits" Luan said simply making Vine nod in agreement not like he really had a plan anyway and he didn't know if he won't fly into a rage as soon as he saw his father anyway.

"I want to come too" Salem said quickly making everyone look at her oddly they were all thinking the same thing but no one really wanted to tell her no, soon everyone looked at her then shot Vine a glare so he was the one having to say it.

"I don't think that's a good idea they are after you for the spell anyway" Vine told her feeling more awkward as they looked away from him quickly.

"But I can help" She argued making Vine flinch at her reaction.

"It's not safe for you to go" He told her before looking over at the others for help but they ignored him by looking away.

"It's not safe for you to go either" she stated firmly making him want to give in but he couldn't it was to dangerous even for him.

"I can help get rid of there spells if I had more magical power" She muttered staring at them coldly before walking off.

Vine listened through the rest of the meeting feeling guilty, he knew she was a powerful witch but the council where all in pacts with demons for power so they were twice at strong.

"I'll try and talk to her" Morrigan told them before wondering off Vine felt conflicted if they bonded she would be more powerful but it was a big cost for her and it didn't help that he really want to bond with her.

Salem sat on the porch feeling frustrated she wanted to help but everyone was treating her like a child."What's the matter?, Little Kitten" Morrigan asked sitting down next to her making Salem feel confused.

"What are you call me that?"

"Because your as weak as a kitten to us right now" Morrigan told her making Salem stare at her in horror was her power that useless in their eyes, she was a powerful witch she was once a member of the council.

"Then how to I become more powerful?" She asked staring at her coldly there was no way she was letting them deal with her brother without her.

"Bonding with a demon or making a pact" She said struggling slightly as she watched the determination in the girl's eyes fade slightly.

"And how do you bond with a demon?" Salem asked coldly she had never heared of bonding before pacts where common everywhere in the witches circles.

'You pledge your life to them and they do the same for you" Morrigan said looking at her coldly as she wondered if the little kitten would actually be brave enough to go through it.

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