Demon Wondering

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Chapter Twenty Five

Vine sat in his room still feeling completely confused with the whole thing. "Vine! I'm you need to get your head back into this mission before you get someone killed" Luan said as he appeared in the room from the ceiling it was like he could just move himself around the house anyway he wanted.

"I know that" He said trying to focus on his father but his mind just wonder back to her again.

"I understand that it's hard with her being unbond to you but I won't help you if you are risking Morrigan's life" he said coldly making Vine shiver as he was terrified of this man for some reason.

"What are you?" Vine muttered feeling terrified just to be in his presence for longer than a few minutes.

"I have many names: Azreal, Luan, Grim" He told him making Vine's eyes widen in horror as his face faded away to nothing but a skull with glowing blue eye staring back at him.

"What are you doing on earth!" Vine strutted out in fear why was the Grim Reaper himself wondering around on earth and not in the underworld.

"Can't I be on earth!"

"I never said that, Sir" Vine said quickly wanting to get away from him, he was taught never told to show fear but when death himself was talking to him, he was terrified.

"Are you scared of me?" Luan asked amused as he felt a smirk creeping onto his lips.

"No!" Vine said to quickly for it to sound convincing at all as he watched the man laugh in a dark chuckle that scared him even more.

"I'll definitely force on the mission and not get everyone hurt" He said feeling slightly more forced through fear of Luan than anything else he would face with his father.

Salem looked at Morrigan oddly she definitely sense that some part of human but she didn't want to ask her not knowing if it was rude or not.

"Just ask it? Kitten" Morrigan said feeling Salem's eyes burning into the side of her face as she stared at her feeling almost annoyed at the human's shyness.

"What sort of demon are you?" She finally asked feeling a little out of her comfort zone talking to the women sometimes she seemed really kind and nice but other she had a sharp tongue that could cut through anyone.

"I'm a half demon my mother is human" Morrigan said simply making Salem nod so demons and humans could have children together. "When I bonded with Luan I gain as much power as a royal demon" she told her simply it was obvious that Morrigan didn't want to talk much about her past and Salem respect that but she was curious.

"So bonding does make even weak kitten's like me powerful" Salem muttered looking out into the forrest that surrounded the small town that Morrigan lived in.

"Bonding would make you the most powerful witch to ever live especially if you bonded with a royal like Vine"

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