Demon Wondering

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Chapter Twenty Six

Vine met the other at the dinner that night to see that Salem was helping Morrigan with the food as they dished out to plates to everyone. As his eyes met hers she blushed instantly turning away from him which made him grab his necklace making sure it was still in place as she seemed more interested in him lately as she sat down next to him and put her hand of his leg under the table. "So we move in two days" Alder confirmed making everyone nod in agreement before they started to eat in silence.

"No work talk at the dinner table! Alder" Morrigan said coldly making Alder fall into silence almost instantly as he continued to eat and avoid her eyes. Vine froze feeling her hand slowly creeping up his leg then stopping before the place he wanted it most and moved back down again as he felt himself trying to hide the blush that was know probably on full display for everyone to see. He looked over at Salem in shock to see her smile devilish as she pretend to play innocent in this whole problem he was now facing. As everyone got up to leave the table he didn't want to move and show every he was now standing at full attention.

"Do you want to go upstairs?" Was all Salem had to ask as Vine moved quick than he ever had before as he scooped her up in his hand and carried her up the stairs as fast as he could. In seconds they were in the room as he put her down on the bed carefully before making sure that the door was closed before he shoved her down kissing her with all the pent up passion he had been wanted to make her feel in every moment. Her breathless moans were like music to his ears as he assault her neck with as many hickies as he could making sure to claim her to everyone. She felt his hands glide ever so lightly on her sides before they went up her shirt gropping and loving on her. Vine heard more moans, feeling her fingernails scratch down his back. He growled in response as he ripped her shirt and bra off before trailing love bites from her neck to her chest. Salem's back arched to his bites and fondling of her breasts. She whimpered in pleasure as she had wanted more. she ripped Vine's shirt off and slid her hands down his sides to infront of him, undoing the button to his jeans. He wiggled quickly out of both his jeans and boxers and he yanked her pants and panties off her and kissed her deeply, as he slid himself into her. He stayed there for a few moments as she clenched around him and leg out a gaspy moan that was mixed with pleasure and pain.

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