Demon Wondering

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Chapter Twenty Seven

Vine lay there in pure bliss as she lay in his arms, he finally felt whole after missing something his whole life. "I want to bond with you" Salem told him making him looked at her oddly as he held her closer.

"We are already bonded now" he told her kisissing her forehead softly which made her look almost confused for a seconded.

"Morrigan said there was something about a pledge" She muttered relaxing into his touch as he gently traced random designs into her back.

"No you don't have to say any pledge just have to feel that way" he told her trying to explaining as best he could.

Vine stared out of the window feeling his heartbeat pounding in his chest something was coming and it was making him feel on edge.

"They've come to us" Luan voice echoed through the house as Vine saw him in the treeline as the burning eyes met his own, he looked older and had a few burns so there was no way he was completely healed.

"Stay here and get ready to cast as many protection spells as you can" Vine told Salem before heading downstairs and meeting the others on the porch. He froze seeing more demons with his father than he thought there must of been over hundred and all seemed to be high level demons too.

"Hand over the girl and we will leave" His father yelled over to them making Vine growl there was no way he was handing Salem over to anyone now.

"Get off my land" Morrigan yelled back making Vine's eyes widen in shock she didn't seem fazed by the number of demons at all.

"This doesn't concern you impure"

Vine watched the exchange in shock as Morrigan chased forward as blue flames burnt all the demons in her wake into a crips deciding to follow her lead he pushed forward making a bee line towards his father.

"You look weak, father" he commented as they stood face to face staring coldly at him. His father lunged at him which Vine easily avoided as he grabbed his father's arm and snapped it into a thousand pieces."Why are you so desperate for power" he yelled looking at him coldly as he stared at the man that had destroyed his life in so many ways feeling his rage building.

"Your pathetic" he chuckled Vine backed up slightly to see that the man was changing forms in front of him.

"Where is he?" Vine yelled grabbing hold of the man's throat feeling his nails sink into his flesh as this blood started to seep out.

"With your little bitch" He said trying to slip out of his grip he squeezed harder feeling the bones shatter under his grip before throwing the body to the ground feeling his blood boiling as he turned back towards the house. The battle was raging all around as he ran back towards the house the screams of burning corpses making his head spin as finally made it to the porch looking around for Salem.

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