Demon Wondering

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Chapter Twenty Eight

The house burst into flames as he kicked open the door sending him backwards in with the force. He stumbled to his feet to see the burning mess in front of him looking round he knew Salem was safe he could feel it but he couldn't see her. "Vine!" Her voice yelled as he turned around to see Salem in his father's grap as he held her by the neck tightly dragging her towards the forset. He ran after them pulling Salem out of his grasp as he punched him as hard as he could in the face causing him to go flying backwards towards the treeline.

"Run towards Luan" Vine told her as he noticed Luan watched them closely as Vine's father got back to his feet. "Now" He yelled bracing himself for impact as his father charge at them air was forced out of his lungs as his father tackled him to the ground with so much force that the ground cracked under them. He drove his thumbs into his father's eyes to make him release his grip as he managed to throw him off of him.

"First I'll kill that little slut in front of you then I'll send your head back to Alaster" He snarled making him growl as he went after him ripping and crawling at every part of his father that he could.

"Try it!" Vine screamed punching his father in the face over and over again feeling his blood boiling as felt the bones cracking from the impacts of his blows. His father laughed them off as he met him blow from blow as Vine struggled to suck in air from all the rib blows as he felt the bones cracking. It went on for what felt like hours as his father hit him back with as much force as he gave. Finally this Father stopped fighting back as this punched got weaker until Vine hit him with so much force that he felt the skull shattering underneath.

Salem stood behind Luan watching the dark mist descended the battlefield pulling in all the enemies that surrounded them turning everything eerie silent as the bodies fell one by one.

"Salem! You bitch" Mathius screamed fighting against the mist as he tried to walk towards her. "This is all you fault opening your legs for a demon" he continued as he feel down to his knees as the mist crepted up his body pulling him into the abyss he started screaming in agony after that as his skin started to pull away from the bone as she looked away not wanting to see anymore.

Vine stood staring at the house with everything nothing was left around them but a burnt clearing and the burning house as they watched it burning silently.

"Looks like we have to move" Morrigan said sighing slightly as watched the remains of her house burning.

"We can rebuild it better" Luan sais simply pulling her into a hug he could tell she was upset but trying not to show it.

"I'll speak to my cousin maybe we can find somewhere with a portal we can manage" Vine said feeling guilty but he would definitely help them rebuild before leaving them

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