Demon Wondering

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Chapter Twenty Nine

Vine and Luan arrived in the throne room to be greeted by Alaster and Selina alone, he didn't hold back as he ran over to them pulling them into a hug it had only been a few months but he missed them more than he could say. "We've missed you" Alaster muttered so only Vine could hear before they all sat down and decided to talk.

"Luan and Morrigan were a great help to me but we lost their land and home" Vine told Alaster making him nod simply now that he was back in his king mode watching to see what they proposed.

"I would like to make an alliance" Luan sais simply making Alaster nod for him to continue "Me and my family will move to the location of your portal and build a kingdom there but in exchange we want you to only have one portal open at any time"

"Seems reasonable but it's strange for you to want to build a Kingdom, Luan" Alaster said looking at the reaper oddly the man usually like his own privacy which was why Alaster had even up inviting him back to the Kingdom after his existence had been revealed to him.

"My wife has become bored lately and this is her idea. I'm only the messenger" Luan said shrugging making Selina feeling slightly confused with what was going on but was sure that Alaster would explain it later.

"I see then do what you want but we may need to call on your help in future" Alaster said before pulling Selina up onto his lap hugging her tightly.

"Vine I'll leave you to chat with your cousin and see you later" Luan said before leaving but made sure to leave the portal open for him.

"Your not staying?" Selina asked looking over at Vine noticing the hints of guilt in his eyes.

"I can't! I've bonded with a human" he told them nervously making Selina smile brightly at him in joy.

"When can we meet her?" She asked to looking over at him to see him blushing slightly,

"When you come to visit" he said laughing slightly which made Alaster nod quickly confirm that he would visit him soon.

"We won't be able to visit for a while though" Selina said blushing slightly as Alaster rubbed her stomach softly.

"Your pregnant?" Vine asked in shock making Selina nod before he ran around the table hugging them double tightly out of job "I'm going to be an uncle" he muttered out of pure excitement before sitting back down and telling them about his adventures in the human world.

It was night time before Vine got back to see that Luan had left the portal outside of his motel room as soon as he stepped out it disappeared. "Thanks" he muttered before helping into the room to see Salem sitting in bed reading a spell book that she had found after the battle, "Anything interesting?" He asked climbing into bed next to which made her put the book down and cuddle into him, he held her tightly knowing that the book wasn't interesting from her actions.

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