Demon Wondering

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Chapter Three: Chaos

He was met by a sleepless night and just wanted to leave at fast as the sun came up. As he headed downstairs his eyes where met by Mary who quickly blushed and looked away from him. He wasn't in the mood either he just wanted to get out of this god crazy town as soon as possible.

"Vine your awake" Zachariah commented trying to be as friendly as possible to the stranger in his house.

"Yes! Thank you for letting me stay the night but I really must be going now" he told him finally noticing that his backpack was back on the coat rake where he had left it yesterday.

"Of course I'll be happy to take you to town as soon as church is over" Zachariah told him patting him on the back like an old friend if only he knew his wife had literally thrown herself at him last night.

"I don't really go to church, is it okay if I just wait outside?" He asked really not wanting to deal with that splitting headache again today after what happened from them just saying grace.

"Nonesence! Every guest attend church here think of your soul" Zachariah said trying to convinced him which left Vine more annoyed his soul didn't need saving and he didn't have time to go to church.

"I really don't need my soul saving" he muttered before grabbing his bag and starting to walk out the door. He felt someone grab his arm tightly, he looked behind him to see Zachariah holding onto his arm "Look I'm grateful for the bed but I must be going now" he told him forcefully which had no effect on the man that was determined to save his soul no matter what, 'you are so barking up the wrong tree' Vine thought bitterly as he stared at the man before sighing in defeat, he had basically stop his women all ready not that he actually wanted the girl.

The church was packed and it stunk of self righteousness that it made Vine's skin crawl, He wanted to sit at the back closest to the door but Zachariah had insteaded that he sit with his family and Vine didn't have the heart to argue with the poor man anymore. As the man spoke from what Vine could think was the bible his head started to spin so much that he felt dizzy. He rested his head in his hands feeling his eyes burn like the fires of hell as the singing started.

"Child do you not respect the word of god" A voice yelled next to him making Vine's arms shake in anger he glanced through his fingers to see the preacher standing next to him. "In the name of God answer me child" he scream, Vine snarled as he felt the canines growing as it eyes burned brighter the pain in his body wanted to him to get out of there.

"For your own saftely back away from me" Vine growl out that sounded more animalistic than he has ever heard himself sound before.

"No your soul belongs to God and I must save it" the preacher yelled touching his head which made him snap as he shot to his feet grabbing the preacher around the neck tightly.

"Look at me! Father do I look like I have a soul to save" Vine growled out as he squeezed the man around the throat till he turned blue, finally all the praying and singing stopped as Vine was able to gain control of himself again he quickly dropped the preacher before grabbing his backpack and running out of there as fast as he could.

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