Demon Wondering

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Chapter Thirty: End

A small town called Sleepy Hollow was what greeted them when they finally arrived at the portal, it was a queit town with only about fifty people in the whole town but only a few of them seemed human "Stay close" Vine told Salem holding onto her hand tightly as they got closer to town noticing that most of the creatures here where werewolves.

"What are you sensing?" Salem asked looking around at all the people they past to see they where looking at them oddly,

"Werewolves and a few other supernaturals" he whispered wrapping his arm round her and pulling into his side as Luan stood in front with Morrigan as two people approached them one was a vampire and one was an alpha female.

"Welcome to Sleepy Hollow, I'm Seth and this is Emily Blackmoon" the vampire said introducing themselves to the ground making them all nod. "Please follow up so we can talk away from human ears"

Seth lead them to a really old looking manor house as they all sat in the living room observing the other group carefully

"We are here to live and build here" Luan said simply making Vine shake his head slightly it was obvious the more time he spent with the reaper that is people skill were lacking.

"What my husband is trying to say is that we wish to live here and build a kingdom where all supernaturals are welcome" Morrigan said trying to phase it better but it still sounded wrong.

"Are you the people King Alaster wrote to us about?" Seth asked making Vine sigh of course his cousin had sent orders ahead just because it was above ground he still own the human land above.

"Yes my cousin should of informed you before hand of our arrival" Vine said deciding to take charge to help Luan as best he could " I belive that he mentioned he was giving this land to Luan and Morrigan" he added noticing that Seth nodded but Emily was staying silent and listening.

"We wish for everyone that is here to stay and help us. We are hoping to make a place for all supernaturals welcome to leave and have order" Morrigan said looking over at both of them to see Seth smile brightly.

"I admit we do need some order here" Seth informed them

"As long as my pact lands remain untouched I'll follow you" Emily said looking over at them all they were all extremely powerful creatures and impossible to fight against with only twenty wolves so she was better of giving them a chance.

Soon they were all given places to live Luan and Morrigan where given the massive looking gothic manor it was the first time Salem was had seen Morrigan so happy since meeting her as she had dragged Venin and Alder with were to start the decorating already. Salem wasn't as picky as they gave her and Vine a simple apartment in a block which made them both happy.

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