Demon Wondering

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Extra One: Council meetings

Vine shuffled round the room nervously as he waited for Luan. It had always baffled him the fact that death himself was always late for these things. The massive council room doors looming over him didn't help his nerves either, this was the first council meeting he had been to as a representative of the human part of the kingdom and if the ruler didn't show up on time would it look bad on Alaster for leaving Luan in charge?. "On time as always! Vine" Luan chuckled before he even appear next to him making Vine scowl at him coldly.

"You were here this whole time" Vine muttered coldy noticing the smirk growing on the reaper's face making Vine want to scream, he had tried to help Luan with the new Kingdom lately but Luan was Luan and didn't enjoy ruling as much as Morrigan. He only came to the council meeting for entertainment and to pass on Morrigan's words, it was still a mystery to Vine why Luan didn't just let Morrigan go to the council meetings instead.

Vine sat in silence watching the council staring between Luan and Alaster in a state of terror that made them look like deer in the highlights of an on coming truck. "Why are they here!" One of the deer finally demand looking at the coldly. Making Vine stare back as he felt Luan's presence next to him cause to flint as shiver's of fear ran down his spine.

"Beacuse they are my guests is that a problem?" Alaster asked staring at the man with pure rage burning in his eyes making the deer shut up almost instantly.

"Can we just get on with this? Cousin" Vine asked feeling annoyed at all the glares the council members where sending his way when not looking at Luan and Alaster in horror. Maybe he should start trying to intimidate them to?.

"Every well then, Luan is here because I am signing over my part of the human world to him" Alaster said staring at the council members almost daring them to argue again him.

"You can't! If you do that the reaper will have majority control over the surface and his own Kingdom down here" One of the deer protested almost instantly making Vine sigh as he knew his cousin wasn't the most patient person.

"And who's fault was it that my uncle escape in the first place" he challenged looking round the table coldly, most of the council had been replaced or been watched other carefully by this point but more nobles still didn't want to fall into line with the new King's rules.

"Not like any of us go to the surface anyway and there needs to be a system in place to monitor the demons that come and go" One of the newer members of the council added making a few of the elders glare at him.

"We aren't handing this over for free" A voice said making everyone turn to look up at balcony to see Selina standing there, Her stomach was getting bigger every day but she was still always watching from Alaster's shadow "We can't allow demons and humans to get through the portals unchecked. Anyone from the other Kingdoms invade us using them" She told looking down at Alaster almost urging him to argue with the council more.

"My Queen is completely right and two Kingdoms working together is better than one" he told them making them nod silently there was no way any of the deer were going to argue against him now but it was obvious to Vine that more scheming was on there mind as he waited for them all to leave as it was just Luan, Him and Alaster left alone.

"Looks like they will be out for blood now" Vine commented to see Alaster relax back in his seat kicking his feet up onto the table.

"When aren't they?" He asked sarcastically as he looked up at the decorated ceiling feeling annoyed he hated that war scene so much all the council ever wanted was more power either by becoming his allies for rewards or stabbing him in the back at any chance they got.

"I wish I could help you more but my presence here would just give them a chance to try and turn us against each other" Vine said in almost defeat even though he wasn't there he still got letters through Balor telling him to take the throne not like it ever work.

"Its understandable why you can't be here" Alaster muttered looking over at the door to see Selina walking through it slowly.

"Stop beating yourself up, Vine we can handle the council without you" Silena said before pulling the chair out and sitting down next to Alaster, "I'm sure if they try anything Amerross will eat them"

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