Demon Wondering

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Chapter Four: Curruption

Vine kept running till he felt sick and his legs couldn't run anymore as he sat down on the only bench he could see for miles on the deserted road. Deciding to finally look into the backpack he wanted to cry in joy his cousin hadn't abandoned him at all. Inside was four different sets of clothes, a letter, money and his saviour a small black crystal on a silver chain, he knew it instantly it was a masking stone all Royal Knights use to hide there powers when on stealth missions. Putting it on quickly he felt is powers becoming easier to control. He was just about to open the letter when a giant metal monster came along with people inside. "Do you need a lift?" A woman asked in her late Forties opening the door to the metal contraption.

"Does this go to the nearest town?" Vine asked stepping onto the massive machine not wanting to wait for police or the crazy preacher to find him again. She nodded as Vine went into the backpack and pulled out a note of money that had a sign and the number 10 on it "Is this enough?" He asked slidding the note under the small space in the plastic sheered she nodded handing him back some coins that he put into his pocket before finding an empty seat at the back of the monster. He watched out of the window of more houses came into view. The bus went around houses that where packed in together for about three blocked as the centre seemed to be what Selina had called a mall and all round was smaller shops.

"End of the line" The Monster driver announced making him realise it was time ton get off.

The walk round the main part of town didn't take him long as he stared into all the different shops not knowing where to look first or what to check out. A massive building across from him that said hotel caught his interest he had stayed in a hotel before but this idea of money in this world confused him as he walked inside he noticed an old man shuffling around behind the desk trying to put some boxes that where way to heavy for him up on a top shelf. Once he got closer the man turned to face him leaving the box tilting of the edge "Careful" Vine yelled grabbing hold of the side of the box and pushing it all the way onto the shelf.

"Oh thank you, sunny" The old muttered pushing the glasses up on his face to have a better look at Vine. "How can I help you?, Young man" he asked looking at him curiously which Vine shrugged off everyone looked at him odd lately.

"I'm looking for a room for a while" He muttered looking at old man trying to smile,

"Sorry sunny we are closing down because we have no customer" the old man muttered sadly which made Vine think of an idea.

"If I can fill this place in an hour can I stay for free?" He asked trying to think of a better deal to offer the man because all he wanted to do at this point was sleep.

"If you could do that I'd let you stay for life" the old man muttered in almost disbelief.

"Remember you said that" Vine said with a cheeky smile as he noticed the guitar sitting behind the counter. "Can I borrow that?" He asked pointing to the old guitar the man shrugged handing it over, Vine thanked him and headed outside.

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