Demon Wondering

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Chapter Five: Pact with a Demon

Vine slipped the necklace into his pocket and stepped outside and started playing the tune to sacrborough fair, in no time at all he was swarmed by women of all ages and they started taking pictures of him on there odd square boxes and asking him for something called his number. Once he finished the song he stood on a small bench outside the hotel getting everyone's attention. "I will be preforming here every night if you want to see me you have to book a room" he yelled over the crowd of screaming women asking for an encore in seconds they where all line up into a queue to book a room in with the poor odd man who stood there in shock.

"Does our deal still count?" Vine asked smiling brightly at the old man, he wasn't sure if it came across more sinister than anything because the man had a slight look of shock in his eyes

"Of course I kept one room for you! Its in the staff quarters on the ground floor" He told him before leaving him behind the reception deck and through the bar to an area that said staff only. Inside was three room, he lead him to one room that had a single bed in a single living space that was connected ensuit bathroom. "My wife is the chef so if u need any food please help yourself in the kitchen" The old man told him before leaving him alone in the room. It wasn't bad and he was glad that the old man agree because breaking a deal with demon meant death to any human. Vine settled down on the bed that was now his and he to admit is was a lot comfier than the one at Zachariah's house in that odd little town.

Deciding he felt safe enough to read the letter Alaster had left him in the backpack he quickly opened it as small metal whistle landed by his feet picking it back up on the bed he decide to read the letter

'Dear Vine, I know you are probably cursing my existence by now but please understand what I am about to say. I didn't send you to earth for punishment I sent you there because you are the only person I can trust with this' Alaster words made him feel almost confused and sad that he didn't tell him sooner. 'Your father has feld to the human world to rebuild his power, he's after humans with incredible pure souls to take. I sent you there to stop him, I'm sorry I couldn't tell you in person as I believe some of the council are working with him. Take this familiar with you and be safe' Vine reread the letter before feeling his heart sore slightly is cousin hadn't abandoned him after all which made him feel completely happy to follow his orders and find his father for him. Picking up the dog whistle he blew it sharply as the wooden flooring beneath him slit and crackled open revealing a Cu Sith or more commonly know as a death hound it was jet black with glowing red eyes and stream coming from its mouth. "Hay! You can't look like that" Vine muttered staring at the Cu sith until it change it's into an all black husky. "Do you have a name?" He asked looking at the dog oddly

"Balor master" the dog answered quickly before starting to attack like a normal dog again.

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