Demon Wondering

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Chapter Six: Demon Dog walker

Vine was at a loss he preformed at the bar in the hotel like he agreed to but couldn't find any pure souls amoung them at all.

Deciding to take his new found dog for a walk around the near by park maybe it was an excuse to get out has he had been watching a show called Big Brother since the early morning hours. He didn't understand what was so fascinating for human to watch another human sleep but he was going to watch until he figured it out.

So fair the park seemed empty early in the afternoon with just him and Balor walking around, he didn't bother getting the dog a lead as it wasn't exactly a dog anyway and it knew to stay at it's master's side at all times. He wonder round the flower fields enjoying all the new smell as he walked closer to a water fountain at the center, he froze seeing a girl sitting there her long silver hair was obviously fake but it makes her snow white skin and ice blue eyes perfectly. She seemed to be miles away in her own word stetching on a pad staring the water lillies in the fountain. Balor had seen her to and to Vine's annoyance he had decided to go greet her for a death hound he really enjoyed meeting humans. Vine followed behind the dog closely making sure he didn't scare the girl to much.

"This your dog?" The girl asked him staring up at him in curiousity, she didn't seem scared of him at all or throwing herself at him which was a nice change.

"Yes his name is Balor" He said looking at the girl oddly she didn't seem to be effected by him at all which was new to him.

"What a cute boy" she muttered before leaning down and patting the dog's head which made Vine shrugged he had never considered a death hound cute or anything cute before.

"I guess so" he muttered looking down at her drawing to see that she was drawing pictures of the flower garden, they were so life like that he was taken back by the beautiful of the drawings. "Those are amazing" he added pointing to the drawing which made her smile slightly.

"Thank you, I'm Salem and you?" She asked looking over at him, Vine could tell the girl had a slightly tainted soul but that was completely normal for humans that had gone through something horrible in there life.

"I'm Vine, it's nice to meet you" Vine told her smiling brightly noticing her blushing slightly so maybe his powers did have a slight effect on her.

"I haven't seen you around are you new here?" She asked going back to her drawing Vine guessed this was the human way of making polite conversation with someone you just met.

"Yes I just got into town yesterday I'm working in the hotel" he told her thinking he could get use to this small talk that humans where so use too.

"Oh! Your the singer my co-worker was on about this morning" she muttered looking over at him, she had noticed that he was good looking but something in the back of her head was telling her he was hiding something.

"Yes well it was nice talking to you, I should go and get Balor home before it gets to late" he told her before heading back to the the hotel.

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