Demon Wondering

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Chapter Seven: Witches

Vine had sent Balor off on his own to look for the pure souls as he continued to help out around the failing hotel. Today the old man had him painting a new room for the guests but at lead he was starting to get paid for working there.

He decided to take a break from painting the room sky bulr but once noticed that he had got paint on his dark jeans looking out the window he saw Salem walking down the street in a hurry flowing her steps he spotted it instantly a lesser demon following behind her. It was a curse demon that witches set on humans to help torture and eventually kill the victim. Vine decide to help her considering that she had taught him how small talk in this world worked.

He found her about to exit the alley way with the demon right on her back. Quick he dragged it as it let out a shriek of horror as it was ripped from its host, Salem kept walking on not noticing what was going on behind her.

"Who sent you?" Vine asked in a growl that made the demon shake in fear.

"Lord Vine! I'm just following my pack with the witches" the demon told him staring at the burning eyes in horror.

"What witches?" He asked squeezing the creature tightly,

"The witch council!" The creature yelled out as Vine realised his grip slightly on the creature neck.

"Go back to them and tell them that girl is under my protection and if they set foot in this town they won't like the consequences" he yelled before throwing the creature had against the wall with a thud it quickly disappeared into cloud of black smoke heading back to it's master. Vine couldn't help but smile so the witch council was after his little human friend this would be fun.

Vine followed Salem a little more to see her walking into what looked a shop full of herbs and little crystal. Watching her for a few seconds he noticed that she must be a witch to with all the different smells of herbs coming from the shop. The sickly smell of sage burners hit nose making him sigh this was a witches shop but was his new friend a witch? he wonder. Before deciding to head back to the hotel and continue his painting.

He walked back into the room and froze listening to the TV that Edward the hotel manager was watching 'Hundreds slaughter in a Armish community' The news report said grimly Vine stared in horror noticing the same place he had first arrived he looked at the seen noticing no blood at all and that there was no damage to the place at all apart from the three scratch marks on the door. "Father what have you done" Vine muttered in anger and horror as he stormed back to his room knowing his powers where about to explode in anger.

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