Demon Wondering

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Chapter Eight: Make shift Family

Vine sat in his room trying to calm down as he felt the guilt building about that town maybe he should of stayed there longer than he could of stopped is so called father.

He had finished painting the room feeling the guilt sinking into his heart more and more as Balor reappeared in the room. "I have news" the dog announced making Vine nod at him to continue, "Your couisn is sending bounty hunters after your father too" Balor told him making Vine look at the dog oddly but didn't interupt him "Your cousin said the competition will be good for you."

"I'm not surprised, is there anything else you've found out?" Vine asked taking a sip from the drink he had placed on the windowsill earlier.

"From the scents I picked up at crime scene there was more than one person responsible" Balor told him.

"Demon or human?" Vine asked looking over at the dog thinking, his father must of got some alliances going on the surface to still be hiding up here so well.

"I'm not sure it was an odd mix between human and demon" Balor told him which puzzled Vine he had never heard of that before but maybe the bounty hunters his cousin was sending would be willing to share information with him.

Vine was grateful the hotel was quite today as he finished cleaning himself up and headed into the kitchen to see Abigail the chef and hotel owners wife finishing cooking a delicious looking meal of a burger and chips. "Oh Vine, Dear. I was just about to call your for lunch" she told him as he pulled out a drink from the fridge.

"Im glad I came in then so you don't have to carry all the plates" Vine told her picking up two plates and heading towards the dining room. He was really starting to like these kind and caring people they were always friendly to him and treated like he guessed a family would treat each other, he sat the plates down and heard Edward and Abigail enter the room. He watched them sit together like they always did and start to eat, he felt wanted by these humans which was an odd feel for him. Never in his life had he felt wanted by anyone but these people had welcomed him in and showed him love.

"So Vine! Have you met any nice young ladies since coming her?" Abigail asked making him feel almost confused as to why he would want to meet a new young girl in the first place.

"Not really" he muttered finishing his food which made Abigail sigh maybe she wanted what the humans called gossip.

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