Demon Wondering

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Chapter Nine: Bounty Hunters

Vine sat on the roof of the hotel just thinking about his father, the man was to dangerous to be left alive but he wonder deep down if he could actually do it. His mind wonder as the wind started to pick up as a surge of power crept up his spine making it tingle. The bump of boots hitting the rooftop alerted him to there arrive. "So you've finally arrived then, Alder" he said not bother to look back.

"Lord Vine! It seems you have been watching to us" Alder commented smirking slightly as the snow white hair blocked out is blood eyes slightly.

"Of course my cousin would send you lot here" Vine said bitterly looking at them one by one, The Knights of Azrael a secret order incharge of killing the more dangerous demons. Alder was there leader and even the romurs said that if you look into his eyes it meant current death.

"We are the best help you can get" The women standing next to Alder said shrugging Vine off quickly.

"Who are these two?" Vine asked the other two oddly he had never seen them before but Alder was the only one in the rumors as they other were consider nothing more than shadows.

"They are my team: Nyx and Caius" Alder told him making Vine nod slightly had even noticed what he was call a giant of a man standing next to Alder till he had mentioned him it was as if the shadows themselves was his home.

"Since your here I'll fill you in on what I've found so fare" Vine said turning to face them. "My Father has already slaughter a village not fare from here and I also believe he is not working alone"

"Thank you for the information, We will scout of the village ourselves and see if we find anymore leads" Alder said before walking away in a instant they were gone like shadows into the abyss of the night.

"Master!" Balor yelled in appearing next to him as Vine almost jumped in shock at the dog's arrival.

"Speak!" He muttered coldly trying to calm down his thumping heartbeat as he looked out into the cold world of the night.

"The witches are back and are cursing her again" Balor informed him making Vine's blood boils as he stood up.

"That means it's time to stop those witches" He almost growled out as tried to control his anger. This was his town now there was no way he'd allow any witch to hurt his people here.

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