Beauties and Beasts

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4 girls and 4 guys. Mate seeking beasts and hope seeking beauties. Will they or will they not find what they seek? Khalil is the alpha of all alphas, Mason is your average rogue but she isn't that average. Priss is your hyperactive and fun rogue while Jameson is her personal prince charming. Zadie is the social type but she knows nothing about boys almost regretting every steps she takes in her relationship with Luka. Berry is the baby of the group. She's quiet and and secretly funny but how is she going to handle the very intimidating gamma, Jerad. FIND OOOOOOTTT!!!! My first book ever people please give it a try even though its most likely crappy :) I put a lot of effort into it.

Fantasy / Romance
4.6 5 reviews
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I DID IT *squeal*

A/N - so from the title i know you all would think that the girls are gonna be the beauties in this book but imma give it a twist and make them the beasts. You will find out in the course of reading. This is just a short filler.

- moni

Rogues....a common word in the werewolf society. Some people are kicked out of their packs and some do not have a choice. Mats also a common word in the werewolf society. These two words are polar opposites. Everyone dreams of meeting their mates and everyone loathes the idea of becoming a rogue..........well not in all circumstances.

Welcome to my world where we kill to survive and trust no one even our so called mates.

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