Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 9

Mason’s POV

When I woke up I rubbed my eyes before getting up. I pulled my t-shirt down since it had ridden up. That must have been the reason he cursed before tucking me in.

I walked out and went downstairs to look for Khally. I really was sorry about the way I acted and I hope he knew that.

I found him in the kitchen preparing some kind of meal shirtless. What is it with guys wanting to show off their muscles so much. I noticed he had some kind of tattoo on the right side of his lower back. Anyway, I guess he noticed my scent( a/n thats sorta weird if you ask me hehe) because he turned around to face me.

“Hey” I said

“Hey” he replied

“Umm, thanks for umm you know tucking me in and shit”

Fuck. I feel like I’m rambling absolute nonsense.

“It’s alright ” He replied with a hint of amusement in his tone

“I meant it” he continued


“When I said I was sorry or do you not recall?”

“Oh. I mean yes I remember. I just...God I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“I know you’re sorry and I’m sorry too. I should treat an alpha with respect even though we’re mates .”

“Oh no no no. That’s not what I want you to do at all. I may be an alpha but you are the Alpha female and my Luna. You should respect everyone despite their status. Even a fucking omega should be respected. I’m just saying that I don’t want people to disrespect you if you’re ill-mannered and if you were not ready to change, I won’t be ready to properly introduce you to the pack.

“Oh. It’s just that I’m not usually ill-mannered. It’s just kind of a defense mechanism(a/n hehe ive been using that word a lot lately) when I feel offended or violated” I said looking down.

He walked closer to me until he was a few inches away from me but not in my bubble. “I understand that now Mason and it won’t happen again. I promise you even it takes me a hundred years to get you to trust me.”

I just smiled softly looking up at him but not directly in the eye so it won’t seem as if I was challenging him.

“You won’t be challenging me ”

Shit . I forgot he could read my thoughts.

“Umm, yeah, right okay, whatever”

I put my walls back up before he could read more of my thoughts. I’m not ready for any more awkward moments.

“So umm, what you making?”

“I made chicken nuggets (a/n most people always put pasta or order food or chilli or something extravagant so i went with sth immature and simple but delicious) if that’s okay. I figured you might be hungry” he said awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck

“You can go seat. I’ll be done in a few minutes”

I went to seat at the exact spot I fell asleep and just kept fiddling with my hands.

Wait. Hold up. I probably smell like shit right now and my hair. Oh God my hair is probably scattered and tangled. What a sight for sore eyes but Khally doesn’t seem to mind. I’ll have to ask him about showering later.

He set a plate before me completely piled with nuggets it looked like it was about to fall off and a bottle of ketchup and barbecue sauce.

“Oh God. This is way too much . I won’t finish half of it even if I stuffed myself even for a werewolf.”

" I don’t really care as long as you’re satisfied and I really didn’t know how much you can eat so...”

Aww how thoughtful I thought

“I really can’t accept all this besides where’s your plate ”

“I’m fine”

I stood up to look for another plate somewhere. I mean it couldn’t be too far. I reached up on my tippy toes to check in his cupboards. Yes I could smell my victory when I spotted them. Curse my petite frame.

“Mason ” I heard him growl from behind me

Shit. My shirt had ridden up and my thighs were on full display. Why do I always complicate situations.

“Oh shit sorry. I didn’t mean to. I just can’t accept all that food for real” I said turning in his direction.

“Fine, then let me”

He stepped close to me so close to me I could feel the heat from his chest and the sparks that were ready to be ignited if there was even a slight bit of skin to skin contact to my back and yes I do realize we still are very much half naked . I thank Dear God for this t-shirt. He picked up another plate and stepped back giving me space to move and handed it me. When I looked into his mesmerizing blue eyes and they looked darker than usual.

I took the plate gratefully and pulled my shirt down as much as possible and put half the contents into the other plate with the fork he placed beside it.

“Umm what drink do you want. I have soda, apple juice, orange juice, smoothies umm lemonade, milkshakes or do you want a coffee or tea or a frappe or something else”

I silently giggled at his antics. He was ready to give me all the drinks in his fridge

“Apple juice is fine”

“Okay but it’s in those little juice boxes
“Apple juice is apple juice. Any way it comes it’s still the same”

I squirted some barbecue sauce and ketchup on the side and began eating the food quietly not really wanting embarrass myself with my eating habits. I might be a rogue but a lady knows her manners.

He placed the juice box beside my plate and I smiled at him gratefully.

I shoved the other plate in front of him and continued eating. I noticed he had a glass of water beside him but there was an awkward silence between us and but when I didn’t see him eating I caught him staring at me.

He blushed slightly when I caught him . Sheesh Mason, you made an alpha blush. But he was probably making fun of my crazed appearance right now.

"No silly He’s just stunned by our beauty” Stacy said

“You seem to like popping up when things are at the peak of its awkwardness. What a supportive wolf” I replied

“Aren’t you going to eat that. It’s gonna get cold” I asked

“I can’t until I know you don’t really want it.”

“But aren’t you hungry

“Your satisfaction is my priority mate. Don’t worry about me”

“But I already told you. I’m satisfied with this portion I have. I won’t eat the rest if you don’t. I’m dead serious. This is your home and even after the way I treated you the way I did, you’re being way too nice to me.”

“You’re my mate and until you fully understand that I’m gonna show you cause I will stick to you even through the ups and downs. ”

“But that’s not what this is about. This is about you eating the food you own even though you made it for me.”

Fuck! I can’t believe we are arguing about him eating . Why does this have to be so damn difficult.

“Would you rather I shove it down your throat?”

He just raised a brow amused at me.

“Whatever !Go starve if that’s what you’re hell bent on doing”

I heard him chuckle before he started eating. Did he really just want to get a reaction out of me. Damn alpha.

Funny how we went from wanting to reject each other to arguing about food.

I finished eating and was about to thank him again when I saw his plate empty. Damn, did he drink his food or something.

“Umm thanks again”

“You really have to stop thanking me so much”

“I can’t help it”

He stood up and was about to take my now empty plate when I refused.

“No no no”

“The least I can do is help you clean up, please” I said looking him in the eye. His eyes were so pretty. I mean they were plain blue but still though but I realized they darkened when he was either angry or horny.

“Okay” he agreed

I took his plate and mine and placed them in the sink then went back to grab his glass and my juice box. I hadn’t drank my juice yet so I just placed it beside me.

I washed his plate and mine plus his glass and the cutlery we used and set them aside. When I was done I dreaded facing him ’cause I had a feeling he was going to start showering me with questions.

But well its time to answer all those unanswered questions. i just hope he doesn’t dig too deep .

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