Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 10

Priss’s POV


Jamey and yes I found another nickname for my prince charming . So Jamey was technically dragging me to his house immediately we saw Mason and Khalil leave. I sensed some tension between them but they seemed okay. I’ll have to ask her about what exactly went down between them later.

“Jamey” I whined “Hold up, you’re technically dragging me.”

He stopped abruptly and squatted.

“Get on, I’ll give you a piggy back ride.”

I wanted to melt right there in embarrassment.

“What! No way. There are people watching.”

“I didn’t think you were one to think about whether people cared or not ”

" I don’t . I just. Fine”

" See. I know my girl doesn’t care about other peoples’ opinions”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and hopped unto his back and wrapped my legs around his waist.

He stood up and began walking fast so I clung unto him while he held unto my legs. He’s just giving you a piggy back ride Priss .No dirty thoughts even though sparks were exploding at every point of contact between us. My wolf was practically purring.

“Your wolf seems to like this position babe" I could hear the cockiness in his voice.

“Shut up”

He just chuckled in response. It was really cute to know I amused him. I closed my eyes and I enjoyed the feeling of the wind in my hair. How did I get so lucky to get my dream mate.He was taller than me and well lets just say I’m comfortable with my height but he made me feel safe.

He slowed down to a normal pace when we reached our destination. I hopped right off his back and stood beside him. He smiled down at me before grabbing my hand. He pulled me to the door and pulled out a key from behind the decorative plant. He opened the door and pulled me inside.

He went inside and rested on the back of the door before announcing “Welcome to our humble abode.” with a cocky smile on his face.


“This is your house and mine now Priss. You’ll be staying with me as my mate and Beta female.”


“Now come. Let me show you around ” he said stretching out his hand which I gladly accepted.

He showed me the living room, the kitchen, the backyard, his office, all the rooms that were mostly empty, the laundry room and last but not least his bedroom. It was fairly neat but his intoxicating scent filled it.

“You can pick out any room you want unless you want to stay in my room” he suggested winking

“I’ll think about it ” I said winking back.

“So that’s basically it. Nothing extravagant about this Beta’s house. Just cozy and empty but now that I’ve found my mate I doubt it will be for long. ”

I just blushed hard and coughed to hide my embarrassment and walked downstairs ahead of him.

I heard him chuckle before following behind me.

“So umm, you hungry ? I can order pizza or Chinese or do you wanna go out to eat or you want pancakes or toast or waffles or cereal or I could cook something like chilli, an omelette, soup. Anything you name it.”

I just laughed. He was so cute blabbering about everything he could possibly feed me with.

" Pizza is just fine”

“Alright. What flavor?”

" Do they have umm what do you call it, pep, pori, peprioni? I haven’t had that in forever.”

“Do you mean pepperoni ?”

“Umm yeah that”

I smiled at the memory of my childhood where that was the only flavor I would ask for. Anytime we ordered any other flavor, I would huff and whine like a spoiled brat until I got the one I wanted.

“How long have you been a rogue ?” he asked

“Long enough” I muttered

I don’t want to remember the reason I was forced to become a rogue. It was 8 years ago but everyday it seems like yesterday.

“I’ll go order it now. You can go sit in the living room. I’ll be there in a minute. ”

I dropped my back and sat down on the couch and observed my environment.

The tv was fairly large and overall everything was pretty.

“Mate has good taste” Megan said

“Indeed he does”

I don’t even remember the last time I was in a proper house let alone going to live in one. Jamey came in a moment later just like he promised and sat down close to me .

" Do you like it? ” he asked

" Mhmm”

" So umm lets talk” I said suddenly very excited to get to know more about my mate, I currently only knew a few things. 1 His name is Jameson. 2 He’s the Beta of the strongest pack in the world. 3 He’s my mate 4 He’s sexy. Pretty basic if you ask me.

" What do you wanna know?”


" Okay but you have to do the same”

" So I’m 20. I became Beta at 18 . My full name is Jameson Tauren Delaney. I don’t have a favorite color cause it’s so hard to pick. My birthday is March 16. I was a star player in football back in high school. All the girls loved me but I made up my mind to wait for my mate and now that I have her I’m not letting her go. I like all types of music except heavy metal. I speak French fluently, I like to sing in the shower and I play the guitar. My favorite food is chicken and waffles. I don’t like pancake syrup so I use maple syrup or honey. I prefer milkshakes to sodas and I absolutely loathe wearing suits.”

“That’s a lot to take in charming”

" You wanted everything so there it is.”


“Anyway, your turn.”

" Okay. I’m 18 so if I had met you a year ago, I wouldn’t have know we were mates. My full name is Pristine Laura McDigilly. My favorite color is ash. My birthday is September 15. I never got to finish high school ’cause I became a rogue. In all the rogue camps I’ve been to all the men there were simply perverts and didn’t even care that I had a mate out there but they always got scared when Mason was there. Now that I’ve met my mate, I won’t let him go. I like mostly jazz and hip hop music. I only speak English fluently. I’m not a professional singer but I sing fairly well and I do not play any instruments. My favorite food is pepperoni pizza. I love frappuccinos but I haven’t had one in forever and I wear anything that I think looks cute on me.” I finished with a smile.

" That’s a lot to take in McDigilly”

“You asked for everything or did you not Delaney”

We just laughed at each other at the irony of our surnames. They both sounded ridiculous. The doorbell rang and I guess that was the pizza guy ’cause Jamey went to get some money before opening the door .

He came back with one extra large box of pizza and set it on the table.

" I don’t have any frappuccinos but I have lemonade, sprite, coke, Dr.pepper , orange juice, ice tea, milk....”

I cut him off before he finished rambling about everything in his fridge.

“Jamey, a sprite is just fine”

“Oh okay” he said slightly embarrassed before quickly getting them from his well our fridge.

I opened the box and the sweet smell of molten cheese got my mouth watering but I decided to wait for Jamey before digging in.

He placed my sprite and a coke for himself on the table and sat down back.

“Thanks for everything Jamey”
“Anytime babe”

I grabbed a slice and took a huge bite out of it and moaned at the deliciousness

“If you keep moaning like that , food won’t be the reason you’ll be moaning mate"

I ignored his comment for the time being and continued enjoying my food

“And if you don’t stop watching me eat , all the slices are gonna be gone before you know it”

“I don’t mind” he shrugged

“That’s really sweet but I can’t possibly finish all this pizza. So come on have a slice” I insisted


We finished eating in silence. I stood up to trash the now empty box and cans.

Jamey followed closely behind me like the lovesick puppy he is .

“You know you don’t have to follow me everywhere right.”

“I don’t underestimate you mate but I chose to ”



His scent was flooded my nostrils and suffocating my lungs in an addictive way. So much that if I don’t move out of this position soon I will jump his bones. I’m not even in heat yet so I need to make up an excuse and fast.

“Can I take a shower?”

“Uhh, yeah sure” he said said stepping back. His eyes were were flickering with each blink from his normal emerald green to a darker emerald green. I think his wolf was surfacing.

I went to grab my backpack before following him upstairs.

“You’ll have to use my bathroom ’cause I don’t know if the others are functional. I don’t normally have guests but I swear it’s clean.”

“It’s alright”

“So umm I’ll leave you to it. Everything you need is in the cabinets and if you don’t have anything to wear just check my wardrobe”

“Thanks really Jamey”

“You don’t have to thank me . I’m just trying to be a good mate”

“And you are doing an awesome job” I said genuinely

“I’ll be downstairs ”


He shut the door behind himself and left. I rested against the door and sighed

“How did I get so lucky”


Hope you enjoyed it :)

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