Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 12

Berry’s POV

Jared swept me off my feet and carried me bridal style all the way to his house. I didn’t complain ’cause I know how protective he is. I’ve known him for a few hours and I know how much he cares about me already. I know that he’s gonna be very protective of me and will barely allow me out of his sight. I don’t mind ’cause I know he’ll never hurt me on purpose emotionally or physically.

He opened the door to his home and took me all the way to his room. He carefully placed me on his bed.

“Are you hungry ?” he asked in that very gruff voice of his

I thought about it while gently biting my bottom lip then nodded in confirmation.

“Stop it!” he demanded suddenly

“What ?” I asked confused

“Your lip, stop biting your lip” he said clenching his fists while his green eyes darken.


Before I could apologize he walked out of his room slamming the door shut.

I was so confused. What did I do wrong ? It’s been a habit since I could remember for me to bite my lip if I was thinking or if I was nervous or I just do it randomly.

“What did I do wrong ,Bree” I asked my wolf

“Honest to God, I have no idea but I spoke to his wolf briefly. His name is Timothee and all he said was that you aren’t ready.

“Okay then”

I removed my shoes and laid down properly on his bed. His intoxicating vanilla scent had me moaning in pure ecstasy. I didn’t feel as tired so I just laid down thinking about the girls, my mate, his pack, my pack and especially my mother and what she said that night before chaos took over.

I heard the door open so I sat up. Jared placed a tray of ham sandwich and a glass of orange juice on my lap.

“Thank you ” I said nervously

He just grunted in response.

I’m starting to think my mate prefers to give caveman responses than use actual words.

I was taking a sip from my orange juice when he asked me a question causing me to choke .

“What? I asked playing dumb

" I asked you how you are able to mind link your friends when you don’t belong to a pack”

Shit! How did he know that. God! I can’t tell him how although I hate the idea of lying to him it’s the only reliable thing to do right now.

” I don’t have a mind link with them . What makes you think that? Besides you said it yourself I don’t belong in a pack” I said going for another sip

" You’re lying” he said but it sounded more like a growl and began pacing around the room

What do I do? What do I do? If he saw right through that one then he’ll most likely see right through another one but it’s worth a try....I think.

" I just.........”

“Don’t finish that sentence. If you’re gonna lie again I don’t wanna hear it. My dad used to lie to my mum about him cheating on her when she could feel the pain every night he did it yet he refused to speak the truth. So if you’re gonna speak to me I want the fucking truth.”


“But if it’s so important and you’re not ready to tell me it’s fine. I’m not a very patient person Berry. I’ll be damned if I let this go for a week but you’re my mate and I care about you so that’s all I’m giving”

And with that final statement he shut the door behind him again.


Jared’s POV

It hurt to know that my mate, my sweet Berry didn’t trust me with the truth. I noticed that when they all fled from the scene her eyes clouded over but the others looked fine just lost in conversation and when we met at the pack border the same thing happened. I had a feeling she had something to do with the link created especially since she had a stronger aura around her and I’m not talking about physically.

When I confronted her about it she simply lied. Is it such a big secret that she couldn’t tell me. I’ve given her one week and by the end of the week I expect my answers.

I went out to my backyard where I usually exercise if I can’t get to the pack gym and did just that because I’m not living my newly met mate in our house alone.

By the time I was done exercising out all my frustration the sun was set.

I went back into the house and up to my room where her sweet scent of lavender was calling me. She had fallen asleep again but this time wrapped in my scent covered comforter. I noticed a faint smell of tears in the air then moved closer and saw a faint trail of dried tears on her plump cheeks.

She had fallen asleep in the same clothes she had been wearing all day and I bet she must be uncomfortable so I carefully removed her top and jeans. I respect people’s nudity despite being werewolves but I couldn’t help but roam my eyes over the top of her breasts all the way to her slim waist, wide hips and toned legs.

Her body was shaped to perfection and no one is going to see her in this state as long as they want their heads on their heads.

I pulled out a black shirt from my closet and slipped it over her head and covered her back with the comforter.

I took a quick shower with cold water because of the sight my eyes had just been blessed with and wore my pajama bottoms before sliding into my bed beside my mate.

I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her flush against my chest carefully spooning her. The sparks that come with the mate bond exploded at every point of contact between us and I enjoyed every second of it.

“You are mine Berry and I’m not letting you go. Whatever secret you’re hiding I swear I will find out even if it means getting it out of you by any means possible .( a/n do you guys know what he means *wink wink*) I whispered into her ear even though I knew she was asleep.

I noticed she wasn’t a light sleeper so she definitely wouldn’t hear. I switched off the lamp which was the only source of life on and went to sleep with the comfort of my mate in my arms.


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