Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 13

Pristine’s POV

I stripped out of my clothes and took a quick shower. I contemplated using Jamey’s body wash instead of the one I had so I used it ’cause it smelt like him and I enjoy having his scent on me.

I stepped out of the shower and dried myself with a spare towel I found. I rummaged through my bag and brought out a pair of decent shorts and a tank top. No need to tempt the Beta with one of my extra short shorts.

I put them on and suddenly remembered his offer on wearing his clothes. The offer was still standing and honest to God it sounded very appealing. My t-shirt didn’t feel as comfortable as it used to so I went to his closet and pulled out a black t-shirt , removed my t-shirt and put his on. It felt comfortable and smelled great just like him.

I checked my reflection one last time in his bathroom mirror before gathering my things an placed them in my bag. I ran my hand through my red hair and finally summoned enough courage to go back downstairs.

When I got down , I saw Jamey laying on the couch with his back on the couch and playing some kind of game on his phone. He cursed lowly when he lost the level or something and I giggled at his silly behavior.

His cheeks flushed when he heard me then he sat up .

“Oh hey, I didn’t hear you come down ” he said

" I can tell” I replied placing my hands on my waist.

“So umm, did you have a nice shower”

“Pfft thats the weirdest question I’ve heard before. I guess he’s kinda shy but seriously” my wolf Megan asked

I raised an eyebrow at him challenging if he really wanted me to answer that question.

He just coughed in embarrassment and I couldn’t help but giggle again.

" What game were you playing ?” I decided to ask instead and went to sit beside him.

" Umm, Fruit Ninja” he said scooting a little bit

“I’m starting to think you have a habit of saying ‘umm’ in every statement ”

“What no. I just, I’m just not used to this whole mate thing and it’s making me slightly nervous.”

“So the big bad Beta is nervous because he has to deal with his rogue mate and is trying not to mess up”

( a/n unlike Khalil *scoffs*)

" Ex- rogue” he growled

" Whatever floats your boat Beta” I responded rolling my eyes

" I’m serious. You’re a Beta now. Your life as a rogue is history but I’m curious . How exactly did you become a rogue?”

I tensed ’cause I knew he was gonna ask sooner or later .

" I’m not exactly comfortable discussing that right now. ”

“Why ? I’m not gonna judge you ”

“It’s not about you judging me. It’s the history and secrets that will be unravelled that I’m not ready to share” I responded fiddling with my fingers.



He suddenly pulled me unto his lap where my legs where dangling sideways and buried his nose in the crook of my neck deeply inhaling my scent.

“Wha-what are you doing?”

“Relax babe. I’m not gonna hurt you”

“I know it’s just..”

He chuckled

“You’re nervous and I can sense that just relax” he said and so I did

“Whatever secret you’re holding or whatever happened you’re gonna have to tell me eventually mate”

“I know it’s just ”

“Shh. I’m not done ” he said as he placed a kiss behind my ear making me shiver.

" I’ll wait for you to tell me I’m not pressuring you but know that whatever happened or whatever secrets you’re holding you shouldn’t be scared or nervous to tell me . Okay?”

“Mhm” I responded ’cause I couldn’t trust my words.

" I need your words babe”

“Okay ” I responded silently

" I don’t deserve you” I said after a moment

" And why would you say that”

“I mean most werewolves won’t even blink before rejecting their mates if they were rogues”

" But the guys didn’t reject your friends either”

" But still. I don’t know why the Goddess paired us .” I mumbled

" Do I have to convince you that you deserve me as much as I do?”

" What ?” I said looking into his eyes but he looked dead serious so I just gulped and nodded yes.

( a/n I was so gonna end it here but then I was like this chapter is too short and I can imagine all of you cursing me for writing such a good story and then punishing you with a damn cliffhanger. But I’m nice but not always * cackles evily* and I love you guys. Don’t get too excited they aren’t going down and dirty just yet its too early for that. I still gotta build their relationship. I mean this is still day one. )

He gently grabbed my hand and placed it on his chest . Sparks exploded everywhere travelling from my fingertips to my palms then my arms and dispersed all over my chest. It was a pleasurable kind of shock.

" Tell me what you feel mate?”

I hesitated a little bit before replying


“And what else?”

I tried to concentrate on anything else apart from the sparks and that’s when I felt it.

" Your...your heartbeat’s so...strong”

“Do you know why?”

I shook my head.

" It’s simple. We’re mates.”

" But that doesn’t explain...”
“Shh. I didn’t say I was finished”

“You have a habit of shushing me ” I mumbled then he chuckled lightly

“Well you have a habit of not letting me finish. Anyway I was saying that my heartbeat only beats this strong for one person and that’s my mate because you’re my other half. My whole being was made just for you and we can’t question why or how exactly the Goddess pairs us but she never makes a mistake and this” he said brushing a few strands away from my face.

" I wouldn’t change it for the world” he continued.

(a/n I felt like just ending it here again but nahh)

" Okay” I said

" Do you wish you never met me?”

" No”

“Do you wish you rejected me when you had the chance”


“Then stop questioning everything. Don’t be afraid, anxious, nervous, scared or whatever. Just accept it and everything will be easier. Nothing will be able to hinder this relationship from succeeding as long as there’s trust and acceptance. I’m not gonna leave you because you committed some big ass crime or something. I’m sticking with you through thick and thin and I’ll walk through fire if it takes me just don’t doubt yourself ’cause I’m falling for you and I’m falling hard.”

I looked into his eyes and saw sincerity , honesty , longing and I’m scared of the last emotion I saw.

" You’re so sweet ”

" Really? You went from the big bad beta is nervous to sweet.”

" Well you went from nervous to honest to sweet”

" True true but did my honesty clear your doubt?”

I thought about it and honestly it did. I have no reason to feel insecure or anxious about anything and I couldn’t ask for a better mate.

" It does” I responded

" You sure ”

" A hundred percent”

He smiled softly at me and I smiled back.

“Soooo. Where did you get a shirt from since I was in your room?”

" I usually keep some behind the door for emergency situation.”

“Oh okay.”

" Babe, if you want me to walk around shirtless all the time all you need to do is ask.”

" Shut up” I grumbled and he just laughed.

I tried to climb of his lap but he just wrapped his arms around my waist pulled me back.

" You know I can sit on my own right.”

“Yes but I like having you close to me.”

“Hmph. The same way you feel the need to follow me everywhere like a lovesick puppy.”

“Yup ” he said popping the ‘p’

" At least you let me shower in peace”

“Would you have preferred if I”

" Don’t finish that sentence ” I warned and he chuckled but didn’t.

" Sooooo. What do we do now ?”

" Do you wanna watch a movie or something?”

" Yeah sure”

" What genre?”

" Romance please” I squealed

" Okay. Geez. Calm your tits woman”

I just glared at him in response.

Speaking of boobs. I’m not wearing a bra underneath his shirt but who cares. Certainly not me ’cause I’m not gonna sleep with that kind constraint.

" Pass the remote please. ”

I got up, picked it up, passed it to him and sat back on his lap.

" You know for a second I thought you were gonna sit on the couch but I guess you’re enjoying this as much as I am.” he said smugly.

I made an attempt to sit back on the couch but he pulled me back.

" You aren’t giving me much of a choice.”

" But you like it”

" I didn’t say that.”

" You don’t have to”

" Whatever” I said and I saw a smile playing on his lips showing that cute left dimple.

He put on the tv, opened netflix and put a movie titled ′ To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”

" This was a trending movie at some point and my sister won’t shut up about it”

“Your sister?”

" Must have skipped my mind. I have a younger sister who is 19 and a younger brother who is also 19. ”
" Oh nice, I love twins.”

" Yeah, they can be quite a handful.”

The movie started playing so we couldn’t speak anymore. I made myself comfortable on his lap so I could see the screen and it was very interesting. At some point, my head was resting on his chest and I was cuddled up against his chest.

Honest to God, the movie was very interesting. I love the whole story line and it was so romantic. Who knew what simple love letters could change a human’s life completely.

" Do you wanna watch the second movie ?It just came out this February.”

" Really. Yes, yes please. But wait what time is it?”

" Its just a little after 11.”

" Okay then .”

The second one was even better than the first but I couldn’t keep my eyes open enough the see what happened when Lara Jean didn’t see Peter at the bus where she was cheering for him.

Before I knew it I was out like a lamp.

(A/N its not gonna be long just a filler since Priss is asleep)

Jameson’s POV

I saw my mate struggle to keep her eyes ope to watch the movie but was out before she could get very far. I put off the tv and waited for 15 minutes before proceeding to carry her to my room. She hasn’t decided where exactly she wanted to sleep so I’ll just take the couch so she wouldn’t be uncomfortable.

I placed her in the middle of my bed and covered her with my navy blue blanket and putting on the air conditioner. I swept a strand of her beautiful red hair that I’ve come to love away from her forehead enjoying the light sparks that erupted before pressing a light kiss there.

I went to take a quick shower and changed into my pajamas before grabbing a spare blanket and laying on the couch. My feet dangled in the air but it was worth it to give my mate the space she needs.

Khalil was right. It’s gonna take a lot of time, patience and love to get this mate bond to work but I’m willing to give it my all. I just hope Priss is too.

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