Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 13 (contd)

Pristine’s POV

I woke up sometime in the night. It must have been about 3am but I couldn’t sleep because the bed was comfy but it was lacking a certain warmth that only my mate provided. I sat up and saw him sleeping on the couch with his lips slightly parted releasing a series of soft snores.

Jamey is really cute in his own way and caring and honest and sweet and. Okay, now I’m rambling in my head but he’s just the perfect mate and I have no more doubt.

I stood up and went to tap him.

“Jamey ” I called

" Jamey” I called but a little bit louder

" Jamey” I whisper shouted.

" Priss” he finally responded rubbing the sleep from his eyes

" Why are you on the couch?”

" You didn’t give me an answer yet on where you wanted to sleep so I thought I’d give you some space.”

" I appreciate that but honestly I don’t mind. I missed your body warmth so I couldn’t fall back asleep. So would you please come to bed?”

" If you insist McDigilly.”

I giggled ’cause I’ll never get tired of how he manages to make me smile in the most awkward of situations.

I went to lay back down but scooted so there could be space for him. I felt the bed dip behind me and the instant warmth from his body warming my body more than the blanket could so I sighed in silent satisfaction .

I moved a little closer to him and felt him cover himself with the same blanket and moved a little closer to me as well.

" Good night love ” I heard him whisper

" Good night Jamey” I whispered back before I was knocked back into a semi consciousness of sleep and comfort.


extra loud squeal*

Am I the only one who so ships then now if not comment a ‘Jassy’ right here.

I was fangirling cause my characters are lucky and I’m here writing lovely romance but still single *facepalms*. Life is cruel.

Anyway hope you all enjoyed the little ‘Jamey’s POV’ as well as the rest of the chapters

I love To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and can’t wait for the last movie.

Hope you all are excited for the next update so....

Remember I love you if you’re reading this.

Hope you enjoyed it






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