Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 14

Mason’s POV

I grabbed my juice box and faced him.

" You know I’m an Alpha Mason and I have to interrogate people who trespass on my pack lands.”

" I know that but we were’nt close to the border so we wer’nt a threat”

" You still tresspassed.”
" I get it . I get it but where exactly is this going?”

" How did you become a rogue?”

" What??”

" I know you heard me the first time. I don’t like to repeat myself.”

" I don’t see how that’s any of your business or by any means your concern. What’s important is that I’m a rogue. End of story”

" I’m trying to get to know you”

" By interrogating me? I don’t think so.”

" Why is it so hard to answer the goddamn question? ”

" Because it’s not important”

" I’m your mate”

" So?”

" You’re supposed to tell me. Peopel don’t usually end up as rogues unless it was forcefully which is rare and hasn’t happened in the last 8 yrs or they committed treason or tried to ”

" Are you accussing me of being a criminal?”

“Maybe. Maybe not.”

" Whatever.” I said brushing past him into the living room.

I sat down Indian style on the rug and began drinking my juice.

" Why are on the rug?”

I just shrugged in response. He sighed and came to sit beside me but I shifted ’cause he was a little to close for comfort. I don’t want those sparks making things weird.

" How long have you been a rogue Mason?”

He couldn’t possibly figure out any connections from the last time people were forced to become rogues because based on records there were no survivors which is obviously a lie but no one really needs to know that....................yet.

" 8 years” I responded

" Was it forceful or willingly ?”

" We left because we chose to” I lied

" But you were only 10 years old. What about your parents?”

" They were the reason we were forced to live” I continued lying

" How?”

" They tried taking over from the alpha.” I continued lying

" But why didn’t they just make you omegas ?.”

" We left before they could.”

" I see.”

There was a brief silence before he continued.

" What pack was it and what’s the alpha’s name?”

" I...I don’t remember” I lied

I hope he ignores my stutter because I’m surprised with how I came up with such a lie so quickly. We never encountered any packs because we met both friendly and unfriendly rogues that helped us avoid packs.

" Okay. I don’t believe you a hundred percent but I’ll say no more ”

" Do you want to watch a movie or something.”

I shook my head before asking.

" What were you doing for so long ?”

" I was uhh busy” he responded

" Doing what?”

" You know stuff”

I raised my eyebrow at him literally saying for real?

" I was just trying to umm you know get a room ready so that you can sleep and made a few phone calls so you can go shopping tomorrow with your friends and then the council called me . They found out I’ve met my mate and that I can finally properly take over as alpha but they also said you have to go to school for at least 1 term.”

" What the fuck? That’s both good and bad news.”

" Yeah ”

" So I’m going shopping tomorrow with my friends ?”

" Yeah but they don’t know yet ’cause their mind links were blocked so I sent them messages”

" And the werewolf council found out you’ve met your mate how exactly?”

" Rumors go around when they see their unofficial alpha willingly with a female in a romantic way for the first time in 4 years.”

" What do you mean willingly?” I literally growled

" You know what I mean. There’s always the slutty pack memeber who wants the unmated alpha. Can we not get into that for now, please?”

" Will you at least tell me her name?” so we can sneak out in the middle of the night and strangle her in her sleep my wolf added.

" It’s Michelle so please just drop it. I get that you’re jealous but don’t go around murdering my pack members.

" Who said anything about jealousy?”

" It’s written all over you face babe”

When he said ‘babe’ my stomach just flipped like literally flipped.

" Anyway so wait we have to go to school?”

" Yeaaaah”

" That sucks ’cause I did not miss school at all but it’ll be cool to enjoy what’s it like when I’m not reading stories or enjoying nap time or asking my mum for help with homework. I may have been a rogue but some people we met were kind enough to share some knowledge with us so we’re not stuck with the knowledge or understanding of a ten year old.”

" Lucky you”

" When do we start?”

" September”

" That’s in a month right”

" Yeah”

" So you’re not exactly alpha yet huh.”

" Interesting ’cause even your name brings fear into the hearts of rogues. Must be in the family line then.”

" What?”

" You know to be rude, bossy, commanding.Basically a typical alpha but the strongest alpha” I shrugged

" Right”

We just sat there in silence letting the news sink in. Never in my 8 years as a rogue would I have thought I would be going to school again. Maybe Aunt Gracie was right. Things certainly didn’t remain as they seem but for how long?

" Do you wanna watch a movie ” Khally asked breaking me from my thoughts again.

" You already asked that and no thanks . I think I’ll head to bed now.”

" Okay”

I stood up and he did the same .

" If you’re looking for your bag. I took it to your room while you were asleep”

" Oh okay. Thanks.”

He walked up the stairs with me behind him. Stacy was right. He does have one fine ass.

I entered my room and turned around to see hims till standing there.

" I guess I’ll go now. Good night I guess”

" The night isn’t always good babe” I said rolling my eyes

" So we’re going with babe now” he smirked

If I was light skinned . I’m pretty sure I would be a tomato right now realizing what I just said.

" If you need anything just use the mate link.” he added

" Whatever and yeah night” I rushed out shutting the door which were followed by a series of chuckles from outside.

I changed my shirt and slid under the covers. It was comfortable but was lacking a certain warmth and scent but I ignored that and forced myself to sleep thinking of everything I found out today.

Who knew he wasn’t formally alpha yet?

I need to meet that bitch Michelle and show how who is worthy of being his mate. I’m jealous and I can’t help it. The mate bond is making me delirious but I’ve accepted that.

We didn’t argue anymore tonight and I hope that’s a step in the right direction. At least I’ll be seeing my friends tomorrow cause we really need to talk before he catches unto my lie. I feel slightly guilty but I can’t confess just yet.

I need to trust him 100 percent before that happens and I will leave the possibility of us screaming our heads off to a 0.

Tomorrow will solve itself out. Right now I just need to rest.


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