Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 15

Berry’s POV

I woke up feeling the intense urge to pee with the heavy scent of vanilla wrapped around me and a heavy arm draped around my waist. It was comforting but uncomfortable ’cause my bladder was about to burst. I realized I had rolled unto my side now facing him and took a little time to admire his sleeping features. He actually looked content and at peace which is different from his default stoic expression.

I tried moving his arm off me but it just tightened around me while I heard him mutter something about never letting go so I tried to wake him.

" Jared?” I whispered

“Jared?” I whispered but louder

“Jared?” I whisper shouted

He didn’t open his eyes but his face scrunched up as if he was in pain and he murmured ” Don’t leave me.”

“I’m not leaving me. I just need to pee or else there is going to be an accident on this bed . I’m not ready to embarrass myself any further on my first night here.”

That must have caught his attention because his eyes flew open revealing his green eyes .


" Yeah, hey. You mind releasing me?”

" No.”

" But I need to peee” I said emphasizing the ‘ee’. I’m not leaving. I’ll be back in at least 2 minutes.”

“Okay” he finally agreed releasing me.

Yes. Jack pot! I exclaimed in my head practically running into the bathroom.

Easing myself has never felt so good before. I washed my hands then exited the bathroom to find Jared looking at his phone still lying down.

I sat down at the same spot I stood up from silently ’cause I have no idea what I’m supposed to say now. Maybe I should apologize for lying to him.

" But you aren’t sorry” Bree said

" True but still ”

" I don’t think he’d appreciate that. He’s getting the truth by the end of the week and that’s final”

" Umm Jared. What day is it?”

" Tuesday ” he responded

Great so I have till Saturday to mentally prepare myself.

" Khalil texted me yesterday saying that you should dress comfortably that you would be going shopping with your friends and a couple of people.”

“Oh okay”

I’m not exactly sure who that is but I’ll ask the girls when I see them.

" I have some work to do today but when I’m done I’ll show you around the pack. It’s about 9am but you’ll be leaving by 12 , the same time I am . Look around if you want, eat whatever you want and I’ll be in the shower.”


It felt like my life was being controlled even though I’m still new here

" Also mate”


" Khalil said the council made it mandatory for you to go to school for at least 3 months to finish high school.” he ended before shutting the door to the bathroom

What the actual fudge. That’s a whole different thing but at least that’s something to look forward to. I haven’t been to school in 8 years.

I left the room to give him some privacy when it suddenly dawned on me. Hold up. I don’t own any black shirts that are this big or smell like vanilla.

He basically saw me half nude. I might as well die of embarrassment but at least he left my underwear on.

His shirt reached about mid thigh and was pretty comfortable. I walked down the stairs and decided to explore like he said and I was pretty impressed.

After that, I searched his cabinets and got out a meal for myself which was basically a simple fruit salad since I can’t really cook. Disadvantages of being a rogue. No decent living space so we have to hunt for every meal.

I sat down on the stool near the counter and began eating. I was about to pop a grape in my mouth when he entered the kitchen in a pair of black jeans and a simple green shirt that complimented his eyes. His hair was messily combed back but it made him look super hot.

The shirt hid nothing to the imagination when his biceps were threatening to tear the fabric and his stomach muscles were bulging.

“Not the only thing that will be bulging when we get our hands on him” Bree said

" I agree but lets not get ahead of ourselves and since when were you this horny ?”

" Oh honey. Since the very second we set our eyes on him. Oh and our mate link isn’t blocked so he can hear everything we just said” she replied

I flushed beet red and thanked God he didn’t comment on it. I ate my grape before looking down at my plate ignoring his intense gaze on me.

“Is that all you’re gonna eat?”

" I can’t cook so yeah. Besides I’m not really hungry” I shrugged

“You’re gonna starve if I’m not around”

" Not necessarily. I can’t cook but I can hunt myself a decent meal.”

He just grunted in response before getting out some ingredients and made some pancakes. When he was done he placed a plate stacked with them in front of me.

" You didn’t have to do this” I said

" But I did anyway” he said

I ate in silence as did he.

“Thank you ” I said when I was done

" You don’t have to thank me but you’re welcome.”

“It would have been rude if I didn’t ” I muttered

He just ignored my comment while I got myself a glass of water to drink after I washed my plates.

“It’s about 11 o clock right now so you should go and shower and get ready. Your friends will be here soon.”

" Okay ” I muttered and went ahead to go upstairs but I was pulled back and crashed into a hard chest. Green eyes bore into my pale blue eyes with his arms secured round my waist and my hands on the hard chest.

" Don’t go about thinking those kind of thoughts with your link open mate. It’s taking a lot of self control from me to keep my hands to myself.” he said using one of his hands to brush away my raven black hair from my face.”

" Okay” I muttered averting my eyes away from his.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you, please”

So I did. I looked at him from under my eyelashes . His thumb hovered and brushed slightly over the brush playing on my cheeks.

" So pretty” he muttered ” Don’t ever hide from me, okay?”

“Okay” I responded silently before he removed my hands from his chest and placed them around his neck and pulled me closer to himself so that our chests were touching before he buried his nose in my neck.

" Do you know what you smell like?” he asked

“No ” I responded

“Lavender . A very addictive scent of lavender. So be careful next time you and your wolf decide to think very interesting thoughts. I don’t want you blocking your link so don’t do that.”

How Jared went from angry to sad to pushy to caring to protective then to romantic is gonna give me whiplash but cute nonetheless.

He released me giving me a longing look before letting me get ready.

I quickly did my business and put on a pair of leggings with a plain peach top. I grabbed a scrunchie from my bag and packed my long hair into a high ponytail completely away from my face.

I only have a little money so I’m not really sure how this shopping thing is supposed to work.

I went back downstairs and saw the girls along with a really tall lady with a high fade haircut but the hair on top was really long. It was a pretty bold haircut if you ask me but it suited her whole bad girl aura. She didn’t look mean but she looked strong like ‘warrior’ kind of strong. There were 2 other people who looked like twins. A girl and a guy but they looked like Priss’s mate and another guy who also looked like a warrior but had a friendly smile plastered on his face.

They must have been waiting for me. My bad.

Before I could say hi to anyone Jared pulled me out of the living room to the kitchen. He handed me a really valuable looking credit card which had his name on it. That solves the money problem.

" Buy whatever you want. The pin is 2071"

" But...”

" No buts. I’ll be going to the pack training ground. If I’m not back before you come back, don’t come looking for me. Just stay here . You haven’t been formally introduced to the pack and you still smell like rogue.”

" Okay”

" I’ll come back. Don’t go anywhere” he said before giving me a long and tight hug while inhaling my scent.

I smiled softly at him and followed him out.

" Who’s ready to go shopping ?” Priss practically squealed while showing us all a card similar to the one Jared gave me.

This was going to be a long day


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