Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 16

Zadie’s POV

I woke feeling refreshed but slightly guilty and a little bit sad but well rested nonetheless. I sat up on the comfy bed and noticed a folded piece of paper. My name was written in a pretty cursive handwriting and this is what it said inside.


I know you’re probably wondering why there’s a note. Well I couldn’t stay to tell you so I had to and you don’t have a phone yet which you’ll be getting today.

Khalil whom is the alpha of our group told me that you and your friends will be going shopping today. They’ll probably be stopping by to come get you. I have duties as a Delta which you are well aware of although I’d love to spend as much time as possible with you, I can’t . Dress comfortable but not too comfortably to attract any unwanted attention if you know what I mean * wink wink*.

There’s cereal, bread and basically anything you want for breakfast. Just check in the cupboards.

There’s my credit card there for you to use to buy anything you desire . The pin is 6312. I picked it up and it looked very expensive.

Regarding yesterday, I’m sorry I made you uncomfortable even though it wasn’t my intention. I hope you can forgive me . I can’t even what happened that made you afraid of the best thing that the Goddess has given us .

I’ll be back before you can miss me........hopefully.

PS: Did I mention I love you the way you are regardless of what happened and you scent reminds me of apple juice? If I didn’t I’m saying it now.

Your Delta and mate

It couldn’t have been that long that he left this here. I bet I can meet him downstairs before he leaves or in the driveway so I rushed downstairs .

By the time I got there he was struggling to put on his shoes. They were blue with a white sole and 3 stripes on the side which I assumed were the brand logo.

I stifled a giggle when he nearly fell on his butt which announced my presence.

" Oh hey” he said finally putting it on properly

" Hey”
" I thought I would have gone by the time you woke up but certain circumstances have hindered that.”

“Indeed ” I agreed

" Any particular reason you rushed down here ’cause I have to get going”

" Well umm”

I really don’t know what to say. I just wanted to see him before he left.

" But what if he left before you got here.” my wolf added

" Then I would have been bummed” I replied.

" I just wanted to see you before you left” I said quietly avoiding his eyes even though he was a good distance away from me.

" Did you see my note?” he asked

" Yeah.”

He took 3 steps closer to me then said ” Then you really are gonna miss me but don’t worry I’ll be back soon. Khalil said his mate and Jameson’s mate whom I got to know is Pristine will be coming to get you with a feel other people.”

" But..” I hesitated

" What ?”

" Never mind . I guess I’ll see you later .”

" Okay then”

With a longing look he shut the door behind him and left leaving me with a troubled and confused heart.

I showered and got dressed. Putting on an old pair of jeans with a t-shirt. I packed my hair into a loose ponytail before going back downstairs. I entered the kitchen and ate some cereal called ‘Frosties’. It was really sweet and I liked it . I don’t remember much of my childhood snacks or food.

By the time I was finishing up my 4th bowl the doorbell rang. A girl’s gotta eat when she needs to especially when the opportunity presents itself free.

I opened the door and Mason, Priss and 4 other people.

Mason came in first but Priss shoved her aside and I heard her mumble ‘bitch’.

" Zadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” Priss squealed before lunging herself at me.

" I missed you girlfriend. This is the longest time we’ve been apart in 8 years . Did you miss me too ’cause if you didn’t I’m gonna shave your hair in your sleep” she stated with an innocent smile.

" Do I even have a choice?”

“Nope ” she replied
“Fine. I missed you too”

“If she tried this with me I would have punched her in the face” Mason snorted. Typical her.

" I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t hear that”Priss said

" Oh you better not. It’s for your own benefit’ she replied with a smirk

“Whatever. Anyway, this is Natasha she said referring to the lady with a high fade. That’s Felicity and Sam, they are twins and Jameys’ siblings aka Priss’s mate and finally that’s John. He’s one of the top warriors and he’s City’s mate . Felicity will be our guide while Natasha, Sam and John will be our guards.”

" Hi. I’m Zadie although I suspect you already know that. Nice to meet you all ”

" Likewise ” they all replied but it sounded kind of weird with their different voice tones.

" Enough with formalities. We have one more stop before we hit the mall. It’s been 8 years since I’ve been to a mall so move it ladies and gents. Move! Move!! Move!!!.”

" Leave it to Priss to make sure we spent 8 years in a mall instead of 1 day” Mason commented .

I just laughed silently. It’s better not to get on Priss’s bad side when she’s excited about something.

But honest to God I pity my feet ’cause we are so gonna be there a looong time.


Who thinks the Delta couple is making progress??

Whose you favorite couple??

Hope you enjoyed it






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