Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 17

Pristine’s POV

I woke up with a certain warmth radiating from behind me when memories of everything that happened yesterday dawned on me. I finally had a chance to be happy but I’ll have to tell Jamey about what Aunt Gracie told us that night before hell breaks loose. I just don’t know how much time we have left.

I turned onto my other side to face Jamey. His arm was protectively wrapped round my waist but I managed to make it happen without waking him or at least I hoped so.

He looked so cute with his blonde hair sticking out in different directions and little snores erupting from his parted lips.

I felt the strong urge to run my fingers through it but refrained. But a little pat won’t hurt right. I carefully raised my hands and moved it towards his hair then hesitated again.

I waited for approximately 5 seconds. Forget it.

I carefully ran my hands through his hair not waking him up in the process and patted down his hair with my fingers.

I slowly removed my hand after about 5 mins of combing my hand through his hair when a muscular arm shot out and grabbed it.

I was shocked to say the least ’cause I realized he actually wasn’t sleeping or maybe I just woke him either way the consequence was the same.

" Don’t stop” he said . I gotta admit his morning voice was very sexy but I continued combing my hair through his hair anyway.

" I thought you were asleep” I said

" I thought so too”


" I’m just kidding” he said opening his eyes . He gazed into my eyes so intensely I blushed and looked away.

" I wish I could wake up like this everyday”

“You could” I replied

“Is that you indirectly saying you’ll sleep in my room well our room .”

" It’s our room , is it not?”

" Well yeah but”

" Then yes”

He blinked then blinked again before pulling me towards his chest in a bone crushing hug.

“Did I mention I love your vanilla scent?”
“Vanilla ?”

“Well you just mentioned it.”

Who knew I smelt like vanilla at least to my mate. Thank you Moon Goddess for not making me smell like poop.


" I wish we could stay in bed all day but Khalil texted me saying you and your friends are going shopping.”

" Shopping?” My wolf whom had been silent suddenly perked up at the information.

“Yup and I’m pretty sure you’re gonna be gone all day. I’ll be in the pack house doing boring Beta paper work and shit.”

“Shit? I didn’t see you as the swearing type.”

“Being around Khalil and Jared does that to you.”

I snuggled a bit closer before asking. “Do they fight a lot?”
“It depends”

“On what?”


“Enough of boring people. My sister and brother are gonna be here soon to accompany you. Felicity will be your guide and Sam will be one of your guards.”
“So we’re gonna have more than one guards?”

“Of course. You’re future leaders and potential targets .”

" Right”

“So we should start getting ready now I suppose”

“Indeed” I replied but none of us made an attempt to move.

I moved a little after a moment but he stopped me.

“Just five more minutes, please”
“Five more minutes or five more hours.”

“Either is fine with me ” he winked

“I’m serious”

“Okay, okay” he said letting me go.

I stood up and he followed suit.

“You can shower first or do whatever girls do in the shower. I’ll be downstairs”


I entered the bathroom grabbing the essentials that I had and needed. I was done in approximately ten minutes because I could hardly contain my excitement. I put on a pair of old grey sweatpants with a black lightly cropped top. I decided to pack my hair in a ponytail with a hair packer.

I went downstairs to tell Jamey that he could go shower when I saw him sitting on one of the kitchen stools backing me eating a bowl of cereal and swinging his legs while humming to a song like a 5 year old. Since he was distracted, I decided to do something funny which made me feel giddy with mischief.

I tiptoed until I was behind him and whispered “Boo”

He screeched like the child he was acting like while I laughed hysterically.

“Oh my God.”

“You......“he said with a dark tone

I recovered from my laughing fit and wiped a tear from eye “Yes me” I said

“How could you do that? I was having the best daydream ever and my humming was the background music. it”

“Too bad, I don’t feel guilty ” I said with a smirk

“You will pay for this treacherous behavior.”

“And how do you intend to make me do that?”

“You’ll see” he said stalking towards me as I moved back

“Well you’ll have to catch me first” I giggled before sprinting out of the kitchen towards the stairs but before I could get far he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me till I was flush against him.

“Did you really think you could get far from a Beta”

“Well, maybe cause I do have some....... I mean no never in a million years. I just tried to”

That was close.Please ignore my slip off. Please ignore.Please ignore!!!

“Well you thought wrong mate and now you shall pay ” he said and started tickling me

“Jamey ?”

“yes ” he replied

“I’m not ticklish”

“What the heck is wrong with you woman.”

“Are the best mate you could ever ask for in the whole wide world” I said turning around to look at him innocently.

“Fuck. You are one hell of an enigma. One minute you’re nice then the next your’re mischievous then you’re planning ways to execute me with your awesomeness”

“It’s cute that you think I’m awesome but like you said I’m an enigma. You still have a lot to learn about me. Now go shower I bet your siblings will be here any minute” I finished with a grin

“Fine” he said walking away

I went downstairs to find something to eat and settled on a cereal called cinnamon toast crunch. Then I remembered I needed to get an extra pair of hair packers just in case.

I opened the door to our room . Hmm, our I like the sound of that .Anyway I went to my bag , picked it up and settled on our bed. I was rummaging through my bag when the door to our bathroom opened and Jamey came out with a black towel wrapped around his waist. Water was still dripping from his body and one droplet traveled from his collarbone to his chest all the way to his very prominent six packs and disappeared under his towel. I was watching with clear interest until he spoke up.

" If you keep looking at me like that, none of us will be leaving this house today.”

“Oh yeah. Well you’ll have to catch me first.”

He walked closer before leaning over me “Do you really wanna play that game again ?”
“Whatever” I said ducking under him and escaping to the door

“Where are you running to?”

“I’m not running anywhere.Just giving you privacy to get dressed so I don’t get any hornier” I said murmuring the last part

“If you say so but you’re always welcome to say” he said winking while I just groaned and skipped out .

“I heard the last part of what you said” he called out when I shut the door

“Shut up” I responded while a series of chuckles just followed

I clutched my bag and went back to the kitchen. I finally found what I was looking for and proceeded to eat my breakfast.

Jamey came back down while I was washing my bowl and spoon.

“You know you don’t have to do the dishes right?”

“Then whose gonna do it ?”

“Well me or I could have one of the maids or omegas do it”
“Really just to wash a couple of dishes” I said raising an eyebrow at him.

“Okay, okay you’re right maybe you do”

“It’s not that big of a deal” I shrugged

“I guess so ”

“Did you really mean it” he asked after a moment

“Mean what ?”
“When you said you’re the best mate in the whole wide world.”

“Of course . As long as you are too”

He grinned at me while I moved closer and wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him tight.

“I haven’t had any one apart from Mason, Zadie and Berry to rely on in the last 8 years and I’m glad I met you and I’m also falling for you and I’m falling hard too” I said with my head on his chest listening to his heartbeat .

He wrapped his arm around me too and hugged me back. No words needed to be said as we as mates accepted ourselves in a comforting embrace. He released me before handing me a very expensive looking credit card.

“This should suffice for your 8 years in 1 day shopping trip. My sister has the list that of everything you need and you can buy anything else you want”

Right then the door bell rang . Jamey went to open the door and I followed suit.

His siblings walked in and they all look so much alike.

“Hi I’m Pristine. I guess you already know that I’m Jamey’s mate and well I hope we can be great friends and family.”
“Jamey, did I tell you how much I already love your mate”
“Paws off , she’s mine”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever. I’m really pleased to meet you and thank God he finally met you. At least he’s gonna stop being a moody asshole .”
“I hope so too” Sam said

“So lets get this trip on the road ’cause I’m guessing we still have to go get Mason, Zadie and Berry”

We all left our house and headed in the direction of the Alpha’s house aka Khalil. I highly doubt Mason will be referring to that place as her house anytime soon.

We reached a junction where Jamey stopped.

“I have to go that way. It’s where the pack houses are. I’ll see you later okay.”

I looked into his eyes before nodding then leaned towards him on my tippy toes and placed a gentle kiss on his left cheek then turned around and continued in the direction that Sam and Felicity were going.

“Can I call you City ?” I asked when I reached her side.

“Sure ” she replied

“By the way , I say that little stunt you pulled on my brother. I bet he’s dumbstruck and is still standing there grinning like an idiot.”

I looked back and saw that she was right and winked at him before giggling along with her.

“Life is gonna be more fun and I can guarantee that as long as you’re around”

" I hope so”

We talked as we walked and Sam added a few things but was mostly silent. City is mated to one of the pack’s most elite guards John. Him and Sam are good friends and are both guards. He is 2 years older than her and can be a little intimidating but is a big softie to her.

Sam isn’t mated yet but is hoping he will be soon.

We got to the alpha’s house and met a lady with blonde hair and a high fade haircut. She was relatively tall and built and has this bad girl aura with her black ripped jeans , nose ring and unisex lace boots.

“Hi. I’m Pristine. I’m the Beta’s mate” I said politely

“Natasha, one of the pack scientist’s mate” she said with a warm smile

“Nice to meet you” I said with an equally warm smile

" So why are you here?” I asked

“The alpha called me to guard his newly found mate. I believe her name is Mason and he said she could be a handful and would probably knock out any other guard easily. I’m one of his elite so he granted me the honor. I just got here actually”

“Oh cool”

We were about to ring the door bell but we heard a loud feminine voice scream “LEAVE ME ALONE”

“Looks like not everyone is rainbow and sunshine this morning” Sam said


*Cackles evily*

Don’t you just love how not everyone is rainbow and sun shines.

Do you guys think Jamey and Priss are too forward?

Are they the perfect couple?

Hope you enjoyed it






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