Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 1

Khalil's POV

“Khalil, your mother and I have an important thing to discuss with you. Please sit down. You are 20 years of age and the time has come that you take the position as Alpha of all Alphas. The only obstacle there is that you are yet to meet your mate so we advise that you take one of the maids to be your Luna so as to provide an heir. Our preferred option would be Lilia. You can take some time to think about it. No pressure."

I scoffed. No pressure. They were basically pressurizing me into ruling this pack and have a baby popping machine as a chosen mate. But I didn’t want a freaking chosen mate. I wanted my MATE.

“Son, I know as a mother that it must be hard but you need this, your pack needs this and......"


“That is no way to speak to your mother”

“At this moment, I don’t even know who my parents are at all. If you want the best for this pack and if you want to retire so quickly, why not just hand over the position to me without my mate.”

“Because it is tradition”

“Tradition my ass. That is just a cover up. You don’t think I will be strong enough to rule on my own, huh or is it that you are scared this pack will not have another heir when necessary. Do you think I need a pesky female to warm my bed just so I can keep my cool around all you old hypocrites? HELL NO!! A mate is so much more than that....... but how would you know. Your father did the same for you. Gave you a mate just feel that empty space while you sexist bastards rule this land. I reject your proposal. I’m calling it a night.”

“You shall not leave this place like a barbarian until this matter is finalized.”

“If finalized is what you want then here. I do not care about your traditions. My mate will cross my path when the time is right. Otherwise, I will have to follow tradition and take the position by force.

I was determined to wait for the day she would drop into my life but how long could I really hold on.

A/N - Hope you all liked this first official chapter. I don’t have an update schedule but I really needed to write this .You are a beautiful person if you are reading this. Love y’all.

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