Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 18

Mason’s POV

I woke with a very foul mood when the realization hit me like a truck. I’m going shopping with other people apart from my sisters but the smell of something delicious drew me downstairs like a moth to a flame.

I saw Khally making something that looked like bread with a brown looking spread on it.

“Do you have a habit of cooking half naked. It’s not safe.”

“I didn’t realize my dressing affected you so much mate.”

“It’s only because you make good food I’m not complaining.”

" So you like my cooking but you don’t like my cooking habits.”
" I’m not complaining” I mumbled

“So what did you cook” I asked changing the subject

" I didn’t really cook anything. I just made some toast with different spreads. I don’t really know what you like.”


I got to know different spreads like jam, peanut butter, marmalade.

“How did you make the bread so crunchy?” I asked with a mouth full

He laughed pulling pulling me up from my seat.

“Come , I’ll show you.”

He pulled me in front of him to a work surface where there sat a toaster.
“God. I haven’t seen a toaster in forever.”

“Yeah. And I can’t even remember how to use one.”

The warmth from is bare chest left for a moment before he placed two slices in the toaster.

“You place the toast in there like that and push down the nub. When it’s done, it will pop up.”


“It’s really easy”

“You can move from me now so I can go finish my food or something.”
“We still have some time to kill.”

“Exactly my point”

“But won’t you rather do something fun” he said teasingly gripping the slab in front of me and moving closing

Someone’s horny this early morning

“Isn’t it too early for that
“It’s never too early for anything

“I see but no. Now move and go take a cold shower” I said shoving him backwards with my ass.

Damn was he hard

“Fuck” he muttered

“You just made this shit worse.Damn woman”

“It’s not my fault. You started it.”
“So I turn you on”
“I’m surprised you didn’t notice” and that’s when his eyes turned darker

I finished my toast when he brought out one more spread called ‘Nutella’

“I don’t really like this stuff but most girls like it so I thought maybe you’ll want to try it.”
“What do you mean most girls”
“When I was dating Mish-”

“You dated that bitch”
“Let me guess. You weren’t planning on telling me”
“Look Mason. It’s not what you think, Okay.”

“Whatever. I’m not interested if it’s something she likes.”

I snubbed him for the rest of the time after eating the remaining slices.

“Hot , hot , hot” I said when I ate the last slices from the toaster to fast before spitting eat back on my plate.

“Eww” he said and I glared at him to shut him up

I finished the rest and moved to go back up. He didn’t make any attempt to stop me and I was slightly disappointed. I guess he wasn’t sorry

“For what exactly” Stacy asked

“He had the nerve to bring up his ex-girlfriend aka the alphas bitch when we were bonding” I responded. She remained silent after that.

I showered and did my business before pulling on a pair of above knee shorts and a baggy shirt.

I opened my door and came face to face with Khally dressed in a navy blue shirt and black skinny jeans

“Look Mason. I’m sorry okay. I should have told you that we dated but what difference does it make. It’s in the past and I do regret not telling you and also dating her. Just let’s not go back to square one.”

“Too late, we are already back to square one” I said brushing past him

“Why do you have to be so damn stubborn?”
“It’s one of my wonderful traits” I answered sarcastically

" So what was I supposed to do? Huh? Just say I dated Michelle who was bound to be your worst enemy ”
" Actually I would have preferred if you did”

I made my way downstairs and plopped down on the couch completely ignoring Khally and blocking out his total existence while closing my eyes.

“Are you even listening to me?”
“Nope” I said popping the ‘p’

“Goddammit” he said punching the wall

“Shut the fuck up. You’re interrupting my peace.” I snapped
" I don’t fucking care” he replied

" I moved to go back upstairs before he pulled me by my arm.

“Not a fucking chance until you stop being irrational” he said
“Just LEAVE ME ALONE. Can’t you see I’m trying not to vent out my jealousy and rage. This isn’t going to fucking work if you keep punching stuff every time I’m being silent. You didn’t have your life ripped away from you at 10 so please kindly expatiate on how I’m being fucking irrational.”

“I’m sorry”

“No you aren’t . You just feel pitiful” and right then the doorbell rang.

“I’m leaving and this conversation is over”

“What? ” I snapped

“Take my credit card. The pin is 1724.”
“Whatever” I said accepting it
I saw Pristine and 3 other people when I opened the door

“Lets go” I said shutting the door behind me and walked in front of them leaving Khally in his house alone.

Maybe Aunt Gracie was wrong. Being mated to power wouldn’t make us indestructible just a life full of bondage.



Who is this mysterious Aunt Gracie they always talk about. Is she dead, alive, evil or good.

Stay tuned to find out


Hope you enjoyed it






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