Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 19

Mason’s POV

" I don’t care what happened to you and the alpha in there ’cause it’s none of my business but I’m Natasha and I’ll be your personal guard” the lady with a high fade haircut said
“I can take care of myself” I snapped
“I’m well aware of that but as a leader you’ll need extra protection. I can tell you aren’t on goof terms with your mate right now but for the benefit of all of us don’t be a bitch” she said walking beside me

“I like you a lot” I said with a slight grin. I’m just not very.... I’m don’t have to explain myself but I guess you understand”

“Yup. By the way, I’m not very keen on this shopping trip. Giggling girls, juveniles , expensive things and crowds are not my safe. I’m only doing this to fulfill my duty.”
" And I thought I was the only one. I’m only going because it’s essential and my friends would buy me the worst kind of clothing if I told them to do it for me”

“Hey” Priss said offended

“Sorry I’m not sorry sis. But it’s the truth” I replied

We made little conversation getting to know everyone else a bit but otherwise walked in silence until I asked.

“Where exactly are we going?”
“To the Delta’s house”Natasha replied

“Oh okay”

We arrived at ‘the Delta’s house’ and saw a man pacing in front of the door and muttering to himself.

“Johnny ?” Felicity asked

" Babe?”

“What are you doing here?”
“The question should be what you are doing here?”
“Can someone explain what’s going on here?” I asked
“Hi. I’m John. I’m also Felicity’s mate and who might you be”
“Mason” I replied casually

“She’s the future Luna” Natasha finished for me

“Oh. It’s a pleasure”
“And I’m Pristine” Pristine said for herself

“I’m the Beta’s mate.”

“It’s a pleasure”
“Johnny? Explanation now” City demanded
“When you left, Delta Luka mind linked me saying something about having a special task for me. I came to his house then he was leaving when I met him. He said I should guard his newly found mate for him but didn’t say anything else so I’ve been here ever since mentally preparing myself.” he said

“It’s just Zadie. It’s not like she’s gonna bite off your head.”
“He’s all about first impressions unfortunately and they never end well. ”

I just scoffed at the very cliche couple and rolled my eyes before pressing the doorbell.

“What crawled up the Luna’s ass?” I heard John whisper

“She’s always like that . Stuck up bitch who doesn’t know have to have fun.” Pristine said

“You’ll so pay for that” I told her through our mind link

" I think she needs to get laid” Natasha said

“You’ll have to catch me first” she replied

“I can hear you guys” I yelled back “We’re werewolves remember”

Zadie opened the door but Priss shoved me aside before lunging herself at Zadie.

" Zadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” Priss squealed

" I missed you girlfriend. This is the longest time we’ve been apart in 8 years . Did you miss me too ’cause if you didn’t I’m gonna shave your hair in your sleep” she stated with an innocent smile.

" Do I even have a choice?” Zadie asked

“Nope ” she replied
“Fine. I missed you too” she said

“If she tried this with me I would have punched her in the face” I snorted

" I’m just gonna pretend I didn’t hear that”Priss said

“Oh you better not. It’s for your own benefit” I replied with a smirk

“Whatever. Anyway, this is Natasha Priss said referring to the lady with a high fade. That’s Felicity and Sam, they are twins and Jameys’ siblings aka Priss’s mate and finally that’s John. He’s one of the top warriors and he’s City’s mate . Felicity will be our guide while Natasha, Sam and John will be our guards.”

" Hi. I’m Zadie although I suspect you already know that. Nice to meet you all ” Zadie said

" Likewise ” they all replied but it sounded kind of weird with their different voice tones.

" Enough with formalities. We have one more stop before we hit the mall. It’s been 8 years since I’ve been to a mall so move it ladies and gents. Move! Move!! Move!!!.” Priss said

" Leave it to Priss to make sure we spend 8 years in a mall instead of 1 day” I commented before we all headed to our final destination; The humble abode of the Gamma couple.


Don’t you just love how entertaining the girls are. Mason and her beautiful personality and Priss with her hyper activeness.

Who likes Natasha and who is her ‘pack scientist mate’.

Hope you enjoyed it






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