Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 20

Mason’s POV

We all set out to Jared’s house where Berry will be residing. Natasha and I walked side by side while Felicity , Priss and Zadie were talking about total shit to my ears and John and Sam were making small talk behind them.

We turned round a corner and pressed the bell to a house similar to the other one’s we’ve been to.

Jared opened the door and told us Berry would be down in a second.

We waited a little while before she came down but before she could say anything, Jared pulled her out of the room into the kitchen.

“Wonder what they’re gonna do in there” I spoke out loud

Priss giggled mischievously, Felicity and Natasha smirked knowingly, John and Sam stayed silent while Zadie flushed.

" You guys. They obviously aren’t on that level yet. They just met yesterday for God’s sake.” Priss said

“Honey, the innocent ones are always truly guilty ones besides John and I got marked and mated the same way we found out.” Felicity said

“Eww. “Sam said from behind me ” I did not need to know that”

“Trust me when I say that is anything but eww darling twin” she said smirking

“You know what . Lets make a bet. If she comes out flushed , Luna you owe us fifty bucks each and if she does’nt we’ll give you fifty bucks each. Fair enough?”

“Fair enough” I concluded

“What about me?” Priss said

" Dude, you have the Beta’s credit card. Trust me when I say you don’t need it.”

“Then why is Mason getting it. She has the Alpha’s credit card.”
“She is getting it to prove them wrong not because she needs the money” I answered for myself

“Whatever” she mumbled

After 5 minutes, they both came out .

" Who’s ready to go shopping ?” Priss practically squealed while showing us all a card similar to the one Khally gave me.

We all walked out and Jared went his own way while we went ours.

“Pay up” I said to City and Natasha and they gave me the money with grumbling faces.

“Why did we not take a car or something?” Priss exclaimed fake fainting unto Felicity with her hand on her forehead

“Because” City began pushing her back up ” it’s better to walk to the mall and the fresh air is always refreshing. Besides we’re werewolves, we have way better endurance than those weak humans.

“Where are we going to put all our bags when we’re done?”
“Guards are gonna hold all those.”

“Wow. You should have said that earlier now I feel like a celebrity .”

“You are one already . Everyone basically worship your very existence as our leader even before you arrived .”

“Cool and wait which guards? I don’t see 4 extra set of arms ’cause I doubt Sam and John will be able to carry everything.”

“We’re meeting more of them there. I’m sure they are already waiting.”

“Alright” she said

We walked a little longer and finally came to face with the biggest mall I have ever seen in my life

“This is fucking huge” I exclaimed wowed

“Yup” Natasha replied

We walked to the entrance of the mall and entered. Felicity, Priss and Zadie moved to walk ahead of us as she was our guide.

“First stop, Victoria’s Secret”

“Victoria’s what now?” I exclaimed

" It’s only the best lingerie shop in the world and my worst fucking nightmare” Natasha answered

“It’s not that bad” City said

“I’ll be the judge of that” I said as we entered

30 Fucking minutes later

“Hell no” I said to Priss when she tried to hand me something that looked like a rag with many holes in it.

“Oh come on, Mason. It’s sexy and will have your mate drooling with your curves of yours.”
“I said no”

“Don’t be a killjoy” Zadie said for the first time since we got here.

“You’re supporting her again”

Zadie shrugged before answering “It’s only because she’s right. You can so pull it off with your figure. ”
“Don’t say it to downgrade yourself girl. I know you think that just because of what Rick said it’s true but it’s not. Have you seen your ass?” I said using my hand to show that I was mind blown .

She smiled lightly before going to look at other things with a new found confidence.

" I hope Luka can heal her completely” Priss said

“I hope so too” I responded

“Priss, Mason, Zadie come here. We’re going to the changing room.” Felicity called from across the room

“Be there in a minute” I answered

“Come on you guys lets go.”

Priss, Zadie and I walked side by side with a couple of things in our hands.

“I want you guys to try these on first before you try any other thing” City said
“And who says I want to try it on” I challenged her

“I didn’t give you a choice now go” City demanded pushing me into a stall.

“Damn Beta’s sister” I mumbled pulling it on

It was a navy blue lacy bra and panties set with a lacy see through coat.

How she managed to get my size is beyond me nevertheless I walked out to see all the girls in different lingerie as well.

“Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” City said when she saw all of us.” I knew it. I knew it . I knew it. You all look fucking sexy right now and will have your mates begging when they see you in these.

Mine was navy blue which matched the color of Khally’s eyes when he’s horny, Priss’s was red. Zadie’s was black and Berry’s was black.

Priss posed in different ways in the red lingerie that hugged her figure.

“I love mine” she squealed out eventually

“It’s not really something I’m comfortable with mine. My big fat ass is hanging out too much” Zadie complained while tugging at it

“It’s fine honey. That’s the whole point. Show off that ass and give that Delta what he wants.”

“I don’t know” She muttered so I stepped in

“Remember what I said Zadie. It fucking fits you and when the time is right , I know Luka’s gonna love it.” I said

“What about mine? My boobs are huge and this leaves nothing to the imagination.”

“Berry, your mate is a hunk.I can bet on a thousand dollars that he will love it.”

“Okay” she replied softly

" Mason?” Priss called

“Yeah” I replied

“I’m fucking jealous.”
“Because I could never pull that off like you can. That is the lingerie of a seductress”

“You bet it is” I said ” But I like it because I’m proud of my body regardless of what my mate thinks. He’s a fucking asshole and I only agree because it’s the truth. The only time I will be seducing him will be in his dreams.”

“We’ll see about that” she smirked

“Enough, enough” Felicity said “Go try on the rest ’cause we gotta go go go. This is just the first stop.

When we were done. We all paid individually with our mates’ credit cards.

“Next we are going to get some actual clothes. Now prepare to die ” City cackled evily

“I hate you” Natasha spat at her

“You’re in denial girlfriend” City said winking as she skipped away leaving us to follow

“This is gonna be a freakishly long day.” Berry said as we all followed her out with guards trailing behind us.


Readers: Who is Rick?

Me: He’s an asshole.

What do you think he did to Zadie and where is he now. Remember they met both good and bad rogues in their lives.

Stay tuned for more

Hope you enjoyed it






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