Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 21

Mason’s POV

We walked around the mall for about 2 hours more . We stopped at various shops which I got to learn are Forever 21, Marks and Spencer, H&M and many more including places to get school supplies.

“You guys we need to talk ASAP about everything. I gave Khally a fake background story and we need to align our stories so it wouldn’t be to obvious it’s a lie.” I said through our mind link
“Never in my life would I have thought you would ever give your mate a nickname.” Berry said

“That’s not the point. We need to make up an excuse so we won’t look suspicious.” I replied
" I’ll do it. Hold up.”Priss said

“Hey Felicity. Could we please stop at the bathroom. Ladies need to do their business.”

“Sure. Right this way” she responded

We walked a little longer before we got there. We entered a stall each before locking the doors.

I explained to them all that I told Khally before Berry confessed

"Guys, ummm Jared knows about our link.”
“Did you confess?” I asked

“No. But I tried lying and he refused to believe me. He gave me until Saturday to come clean.”

“But you can’t do that or else we’re all fucked.” Zadie snapped

“What should she do then?” Priss spoke up

“Are you sure he knows like knows that we have a link as in the link we’re currently using to communicate?”
“Yeah, he does . I’m a hundred percent sure. I’m not even sure I want to lie to him again. That’s not the kind of foundation I wanna build in our relationship.”

I don’t want Berry to go through unnecessary drama for a secret that will eventually get out so I made a decision.

“You can tell him but make him promise he won’t expose you until you’re ready...until we’re all ready and until the time is right.”

“Are you for real? What if he rejects her because of that” Zadie snapped

“Jared’s not like that.”
“And how are you so sure?”
Berry went quiet after that.

“Zadie back off” I warned

She went quiet but I heard footsteps before she banged on the door of my stall so I unlocked the door.

“And why should I huh? What if he ends up being like Rick ?What if all of them are just like Rick?”
I grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against the wall

“Don’t bring up Rick ,Zadie. He was an asshole and a psycho who preyed on innocent girls. We are talking about our mates here. If they do that then they are just sick idiots.”
“And what if they reject us because of the secrets that are unveiled”
“Mates don’t do that . Did Uncle Steve do that to Aunt Gracie when he found out her secret .No, so stop being irrational.”

She closed her eyes before she stopped fighting before tears started spilling from her eyes.

“You can’t use you anger to hide pain, it won’t make it better.” I said hugging her

“I know I’m just not used to all this. I’m scared of being hurt again Mason. I’m trying to be better but it hurts. I don’t want to be rejected and I don’t want to reject him either. Heck, I don’t want any of us to be rejected.”

“I know. My mate may be an asshole but he’s an Alpha. Change isn’t easy but it’s the effort that counts okay.”

“Yeah” she replied sniffling and right then Natasha came in

“Are you guys okay in there” I heard shouting and I smell tears.

“Yeah, we’re fine. We’ll be out in a second”
We came out and Priss gave us a group hug and Berry joined.

“I love you guys so much” Berry said

“We do too” we all replied

Priss helped Zadie clean up her tears while Berry and I washed our hands.

“Ready?” I asked and they all nodded in agreement before we walked out of the bathroom.

Zadie walked closer to me which was a better distance from the extra male guards. She was awfully quiet but I knew she was too lost in her thoughts to care about what was going on around her.

“Next stop, we are going to sport shops to get you guys some training outfits .”

We came face to face with 4 stores side by side by the names of Nike, Adidas, Puma and Fila.

“I dunno which one you want to go to individually.”
“I wanna go to the one with a huge tick ” Priss said

“I’ll go to the one with 3 stripes. I saw it on Luka’s shoes this morning” Zadie said

“I like the one with the puma figure” Berry said

“So that leaves me with the one with blue , white and red” I said

“It’s settled then. Beta Pristine , you’re with Sam and I. Delta Zadie you can go with Johnny since Delta Luka already assigned him to you , Gamma Berry you can go with Malik and Luna Mason, you go with Natasha.

“Can you please not call me Luna?”
“Do you prefer Alpha?”
“I don’t want a title at all.”
“But that would be disrespectful.”
“Whatever. Just don’t call me Luna.”

“Alright everybody. You heard the Alpha female. She does not want to be referred to as Luna. So Alpha Mason it is.”

" I kind of like the sound of that” I smirked

“Umm, City.” Zadie called ” Can umm Serenity come along with John”

“Of course Delta”

“You heard the Delta female Serenity. She wants you to come with her.”

Serenity came forward and bowed slightly as a sign of respect

“It’s an honor Delta Zadie” she said

“So in about an hour or less we should all meet back here.”

“Enjoy shopping without me breathing down you neck” City called as she pulled Priss away

Every one went their separate ways as the remaining guards stood outside guarding the entrances and holding our bags.

“I don’t imagine that you would waste more than 20 minutes looking at irrelevances Alpha”

“Not at all. Actually I’d like to know about you and your mate. Asher you said was his name right.”

“Yup but be warned it was a bumpy journey.”
“We got time to kill” I said as we entered the sports shop


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