Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 22

Zadie’s POV

John and Serenity followed closely behind me as I entered the sports shop. They were both awfully quiet but followed me from a safe distance to avoid encroachment of privacy. I don’t want to be seen as a bad leader so I decided to make small conversation. Ever since Rick happened, socializing has greatly reduced for me.

“So umm Serenity” I began

“Delta” she replied

“Tell me a little about yourself.”

“There isn’t much to know but I finished high school a couple of years ago. Found out that Malik and I were mates on my graduation day and aspired to be a guard as I am now.”
“You too are mated?”
“Yes Delta”
“We have a little boy as well. He’s the biggest but smallest bundle of joy that ever happened to us.” she said with a small smile

“That’s great.”
“Anything embarrassing to tell me about your mate because, I can tell he’s communicating with you still. ”
She chuckled before answering.” He’s nervous but honored and can’t wait for you and the others to be formally introduced to the pack”

After that little head start, Serenity became more comfortable with me. She helped me pick out the outfits and shoes I needed and I decided to pick out a little something for them as well , without her knowing of course. It was a bunch of cute key chains of shoes.

John was still awfully quiet and I could feel anxiety sipping out of him in waves. I remember City saying he’s all about first impressions so as a leader I need to make him feel at ease.

“John” I called

“Yes Delta”

“Why don’t you tell me about your mate”
His face broke into a grin with a twinkle in his eyes as began talking. That was all it took to make him comfortable. His mate makes him so happy and it reflected in his body language.

“I’m sorry for being...awkward. I’m all about first impressions.”

“That’s okay. I just want you to be comfortable with me. It’s not everyday you find out your leaders are ex-rogues.”

" Indeed” he replied

When we were about leaving I turned to them. “Thank you for making me feel very welcome. I hope to meet Malik Junior soon and hang out more often so I got you both a little something ” I brought out the key chains and handed it to them.

“Oh no no no Delta. We can’t accept that.” Serenity said
“And why not” I frowned

“We came to serve you not collect things from you. It would be disrespectful on our part.” John added

“But it’s my sign of appreciation.”

They contemplated for a moment before accepting it.

“It is such an honor Delta. We don’t know hat made you pick us but we appreciate. I know this pack is blessed to have you especially our Delta.” Serenity said

“Right” I muttered

“Is something wrong ?” John asked

“Nope, nothing” I lied with a fake smile

“Let’s go. My stomach needs more food in it” I added with a giggle while they bowed before picking up the bags and following me.

Berry’s POV

Malik trailed closely behind me but not too close for comfort. He advised on simple things when I seemed to be in a dilemma and made small talk here and there. There was a comfortable silence before I broke it.

“Where is the former Gamma now?” I demanded

“I’m afraid the Gamma Jared demands no one to speak of his father.”
“And why is that?”
“He was not an honorable leader”
“In what sense?”
“I’m afraid I cannot say. You will have to consult your mate himself to get such information”

“I’m deeply sorry Gamma female Berry but I do not wish to be beheaded or stripped of my position”
“It’s okay . I understand”

He nodded in confirmation

“Do you have a mate?“I asked out of the blue

“Indeed. She is currently with the Delta female.”
“Oh Serenity. She looks nice”
“She is the epitome of my happiness.”

“Awwww” I cooed while Malik looked away slightly flustered

“Do you have any pups?”
“Yes. Malik Junior was born 3 years ago. ”
" Will I be able to meet him if I want to”
“Your wish is my command”

Malik and I conversed back and forth and occasionally he would redden with embarrassment when I ‘awed’ or ‘yayed’ but he refused to ask me anything.

“Why won’t you ask me anything. This is a conversation not an interrogation.”
“I do not wish to make you uncomfortable”
“Curiosity killed the cat and not the wolf” I smiled

“Very well then. I noticed something strange about your aura. It indicates higher ranking that normal wolves, why is that?”
I sighed before answering “It has to do with my genetics. I’m not full wolf but I cannot tell of what other breed I am.”
“That satisfies my curiosity, Thank you for your sincerity and for trusting me.”
“No problem and I think I’m going to keep you as my personal guard. You’re quite the charmer.”
“I don’t think Gamma would like that. Mates are possessive especially high ranking ones and he would want to prove his worth by standing by your side always.”
“I know but like anytime he’s busy or anything unless you don’t want to.”
" It would be an honor. I quite like your humor.”
“Thank you but I get I’m going to rub off on you. You need to let loose a little.”
“As you wish”

I just shook my head. Malik is one strange being. Nice but strange.


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