Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 23

A/N For anyone who hasn’t figured it out, Natasha and Asher are gonna have their own book. There will be some spoilers for their book in this chapter and it will be released when this book is almost finished. Enjoy :)

Mason’s POV

“So you actually caught him from a tree”
“Yup. Ash was such a wimp.”

“And you’re best friends become lovers.”
“I guess. I mean I always loved him just never had the courage to tell him. I loved our friendship so I prayed every night on my birthday that he would be my mate.”

“You’re one lucky bitch”
“I know I am. The bad girl and the nerd. You could say we are an odd couple. People still give us strange looks but like for real it isn’t their business”

“At least you’re happy.”
“You could also be happy with the Alpha. Trust, honesty and acceptance is one thing I learnt from what we went through and it’s extremely important. ”

“I know. I just don’t know if I’m ready to settle down. I’ve been running for a long time you know”
“I understand. Now enough let’s actually get this shit over with cause’ I wanna go home and cuddle with my mate.”
I gasped in shock ” Are you saying I’m boring”
“Believe me. You are anything but boring but I’d rather do that than be with other people.”
“Self centered bitch” I muttered

“Ill-mannered Alpha”
I was gonna give a comback before I realised

“That isn’t actually an insult. It’s simply the truth.”
“And you don’t plan on changing”
“Nope” I said popping the ‘p’ while looking at some sport shorts

" You are the hope for this pack’s lineage of Lunas.”
“Because I’m black”
“No. Because you’re simply different. Your ill-mannerness is gonna get you in trouble but the good kind. Past lunas were just a shadow to their mates and barely capable of doing anything except talking and spreading their legs.”
" Wow! I feel so special”
“I’m serious.”
“I know you are. I honestly don’t give a crap what people think. I’ll do my best to be good but I won’t promise to do my best”

“I don’t expect anything less.

And that’s how our shopping went. Natasha and I making conversation and telling me about her mate.

" I can’t wait to meet him.”

“He will probably faint on the spot.”
“Am I that intimidating.”
“Nope. Like I said. Ash is a wimp.”
“If you say so.”

“Yes Natasha”
“Can you promise you’d give Alpha a chance?”
“Please. For my sake. I know you don’t like him cause’ he’s an asshole but to be fair you’re a bitch. His other half and his equal match.”
I sighed deeply before answering

“It’s complicated”
“I didn’t say it wasn’t but will you?”
“I will” I said finally agreeing
With that we left the shop only to find out that Priss, City and Sam were yet to come.

“Damn Pristine. I want my cuddles.”
“Lazy ass” I muttered

Natasha just growled lowly in response while I cackled my head off.

Pristine’s POV

City, Sam and I conversed as we walked from aisle to aisle picking thing sup and trying them on. It was fun to say the least.

“Once we leave here, we have 4 more stops. Food, Jewelry, toiletries and electronics then we’re off.” City said

“What time is it anyway?” I asked

“After 5 but we should be done by 7pm . That’s before it’s too dark.”

“I’m tired” Sam whined

“You always are lazy, goat”
“I am no goat. ”
“Yes you are and shut up. Lets go pay for all this shit.”
“I feel bad for our Beta. His credit card is going to remain only 2 digits once you guys are done.”
“Heck no. I would never d that to Jamey” I exclaimed while City cackled

“I once did that to John and he slept in one of the guest rooms for 1 month. It was pure torture and fuck, I was endlessly horny. Cold showers be dammed.”
“So what did you do?” I asked curiously

“I locked both of us in the room, slid the key under the door when he thought I was still asleep and demanded my rights.”
“Did he cooperate”
“Heck no. He was stubborn but when a lady needs her man, she will get her man. I jumped him like literally before he forgave me and I promised to never do it again.”
“Did you keep that promise”
“Yes of course. I got it to 3 digits instead ” she giggled

“You are evil, girlfriend” I exclaimed

" I know but I spent most of it on things for both of us.”
“Like what?”
“You know stuff’ she smirked

“Like?′ I urged

“I don’t kiss and tell ” she replied

“Come on”

“Sorry Beta but some things need to stay between mates.”
“Don’t worry, you’ll understand when you and my James go down and dirty.”

“Why would you even want to know about that?” Sam asked

City looked at me and we just giggled in response.

I finished paying for my things then we walked outside only to find every other person waiting for us.

“You guys sure took your time” Mason said

“Oops” I shrugged giggling a little.

“Let’s go people, we’re not done yet.” City announced

“Lead the way babe, lead the way” Johnny said


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