Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 24

Mason’s POV

We stopped at a jewelry shop that I didn’t care to remember the name, a toiletry and cosmetics shop that I also didn’t care to remember the name and were currently in an electronics store by the name of ‘Apple’.

“Who the fuck names an electronics shop after a fruit?” I asked

“Steve Jobs apparently.” Zadie answered

“Well then he’s kind of stupid.”
“Actually. I think it’s smart cause’ no one wants to name a company something no one can pronounce that they literally butcher the name. He went with something simple yet catchy.” Natasha said

“Fuck off” I glared at her while she smirked in response.

“Enough bickering children. You guys should all choose any phone you want.” City said

We all huddled around the displayed phones and looked at every one individually.

“I’ll just go with anyone you guys pick” Zadie said in our link

“Same here” Berry agreed

“I guess it’s up to us Priss”


We looked at various phones ranging in size and features. Priss preferred the one called Iphone 11 Pro while I went with the one called Iphone X . Zadie decided she liked the one I chose better and Berry went with the one Priss chose.

We picked those phones along with earpiece thingies called Air pods . I don;t realy understand the concept of what they called blue-tooth but it sounded cool so I went with it.

" This is our last official stop and I guess we should head back unless you all want to get some food first.” City said looking at a list on her phone.

" I think we should get some food first. I feel bad for keeping all these people here all day.” Priss said

“Beta, we don’t have to go ”
“I’m not hungry. Being a rogue has forced our bodies to understand the concept of 1 decent meal a day so it’s no big deal” I shrugged

“I’m hungry so I say we go.” Natasha said

“Bitch ” I muttered

“Alpha, if you keep insulting me, I will feel the need to take certain precautions as you are threatening my life.”
I ignored her but bumped my shoulder with hers to show her I don’t care while she chuckled lightly as we all headed to the food court.

“This is so good” Berry exclaimed after taking a huge bite out of the burger

“Told you Burger King was better than McDonalds” City argued with a fuming Pristine

“They looked delicious on the menu and they aren’t that bad. Just freakishly tiny compared to the image.”
“Tsk Tsk The Beta got scammed.” Zadie laughed

“Shut it”
“Oopsy. Did I get on your bad side” she taunted

“Don’t make me punch you”
“Okay, okay” Zadie said backing off

“Would you guys top your bickering and lets go . I need to sleep ” I said rubbing my eyes

“I’m surprised your mates didn’t call all day though” Natasha said

" Jamey mindlinked me” Priss chirped

“Luka did too” Zadie mumbled

" What about you Berry”
She just shook her head with a small frown.

“It’s okay. He was probably just busy” I assured her

We all fell into a comfortable silence as everyone relaxed a bit.

“It’s already after 8. I didn’t expect us to be out this long” City said

“Let’s get going everybody” I commanded

3rd Person’s POV

A round of ‘yes alpha’ went on and people nearby turn to stare at the group. It didn’t faze her . She knew people were curious as they hadn’t been introduced to the pack.

They walked out of the mall towards each of their leader’s house. The guards that were originally with them personally and more helped each of them carry their bags. They all went their separate ways as their houses were apart.

" I can finally get my cuddles” Natasha exclaimed when the last of her bags was set aside.

“Yeah” she chuckled

“It was a pleasure meeting you today Alpha. I hope you find your happiness as I have found mine” she exclaimed and subconsciously rubbed her stomach. Mason noticed she has been doing that often

“Why do you keep doing that?” she asked

“I’m pregnant. Just about one month along but motherly instincts have already kicked in”
“Well then Asher’s one lucky guy to have knocked someone like you up.” she said
“Indeed he is” she chuckle before leaving her alone .

One by one she took each bag to the room she was residing in. When she was done, she hung every item in the closet that needed to be before going to take a shower. She really didn’t know if Khalil was home but that was confirmed when she came out of the bathroom in a towel.

“I didn’t know you were back” he said
“Now you know so fuck off” she replied
“Must you be so rude” he accused
“Just leave me alone Khally” she replied

He was still sitting on her bed observing her every move even as she unwrapped the towel and put on a pajama dress she bought with his eyes slowly darkening in lust. Her beautiful brown skin that had him salivating to have a taste and the curves on her body that made him sway with lust clouded his judgement.

" I’m tired and I’m going to sleep so suck up whatever bullshit you have for me till tomorrow” she said crawling into the bed

He stood up thankfully and walked out slamming the door shut but as he left she heard him growl in frustration ” FUCKING MASON”

Mason was tired but her mind refused to rest and her stomach refused to stay quiet since she refused to eat at the mall. She cursed as she got out of bed. Her small feet padded along the wooden floors until a surprise awaited her in the place where the little bonding she had with her mate occurred.

“For fuck’s sake” she cursed deciding food was less important than having to deal with her mate right now but what he said stopped her .

" I thought you were one to take on your problems not run away from them like a coward”

“What did you say” she said as her wolf surfaced and her anger skyrocketed. He was pushing her to the edge and he knew but Khalil wanted a reaction from his mate because it was better than her ignoring him.

“I said...”

Khalil didn’t get to finish his statement as one hand pulled him by the hair and a hard punch landed in his gut while sharp canines met his neck threatening his life in both a seductive and dangerous manner.


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