Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 25

Pristine’s POV

The bags of all sorts of things we bought were transported into our house. City insisted on staying to help me sort everything out since Jamey wasn’t back. He already informed me but it still kind of stung that he wasn’t home yet.

“Thank you for everything City. You’ve been very welcoming ” I said as she was leaving

“It’s no problem. I love you as my sister-in-law and Beta already”
“Goodnight Beta” Johnny said

“Good night” I replied

I decided to take a bath using the new toiletries and body products. I can’t use Jamey’s own forever. It was very soothing as the warm water did wonders to my body. A shower has never felt so relaxing. I even washed my wild curls as they were greasy and oiled it when it was dry. I dressed in pink pair of pajamas which consisted of a tank top and short shorts. Seeing that I was ready , I stepped out only to come face to face with the mate my whole being craved.

"Princess” he paused before eyeing me from head to toe.” You look refreshed”
“I feel refreshed “I said

“How was your trip?” he asked. Instead of answering, I dove in to give him a hug.

" I missed you” I mumbled into his chest

“I missed you too” he replied wrapping his arms around me.

I took a huge breath enjoying his sweet peach scent on me. It was oddly calming but suited him.

“Hold up. Let me take a shower then we can get settled in okay” he said planting a kiss on my freshly washed hair.

I nodded in response as he released me before entering the bathroom.

I got settled in our bed and pulled the cover up to my neck stuffing my face in the pillows cause’they reeked of his scent.

The door to the bathroom opened but I was too tired to look up and admire his body. A little bit of shuffling went about before Jamey settled unto the bed pulling me closer to him.

“How are you?”
A yawn escaped my mouth before I could answer ” Tired” I eventually mumbled.

“Don’t worry. We’ll talk tomorrow. Get some rest princesa”
“Hmm” I finally hummed before the darkness enveloped me

Jameson’s POV

As I watched my little mate sleep I couldn’t help but think about everything that went on today.

I was supposed to meet Khalil, Luka and Jared at one of the pack houses as I parted ways with Priss. That girl has got me hard in the pants with just a brush of the lips. I went straight to his office only to find out he wasn’t there yet . Stupid alpha so I proceeded to sit on his chair and spin until I became dizzy then I did it again until Luka walked in followed by Jared.

“Well that looks fun” Luka

“More like deadly. ” Jared said as they both entered.

“Where’s the asshole that called us for this meeting?” Jared later asked
“Does it look like I know?” I snapped

Luka and Jared sat down and starting doing God knows what on their phones while I continued spinning on his chair.

30 boring minutes later

The door swung open and Khalil walked in looking furious and even more furious when he saw me.

“What the fuck did I tell you about sitting on my chair you mutt” he said
“Piss off Khalil. What crawled up your fucking ass this morning that you decided to thoroughly bruise my ego and I don’t give a shit about what you said. You’re late so spit out whatever shit you have to say to us.” I said walking away from his seat
“Whoa whoa whoa. Chill you two. No fighting . Our mates will not appreciate a bruise or two decorating our features.” Luka interrupted
“Would you guys stop acting like children and get this over with. I have duties to attend to ” Jared said

I saw Khalil take a deep breath before composing himself and sitting down on his chair. I took a sit as well before he began.

“They are hiding something. All of them and I’m not sure why but I don’t think it’s a good thing. Mason has a hot headed, rude, sassy and irritating personality...

“But she manages to turn you on while doing this” Luka finished for him

“Fuck yes and it’s driving me crazy. One minute she’s rude, the next she’s being nice and then she’s cussing at me again. I could throttle and kiss her at the same time but other than that she doesn’t trust me.”
“Well duh ” I said ” She literally met you yesterday. When you first talked to her yesterday, I could here the cockiness in every word she spoke.

“I know but they are supposed to be able to feel safe and secure in a pack especially one that her mate rules.”
“She’s not gonna just jump into your arms and kiss you stupid and don’t forget she’s a rogue.” Luka said
“Speaking of rogues, her story really doesn’t add up. She said they were forced to become rogues at such a tender age because their parents tried to take over the alpha. Their conspiracy failed yes but they should have been able to capture them before they crossed the boarder.”
“Do you know her surname, maybe you can run a background check” Jared asked
“Priss told me hers though”
“What is it?”
A sharp gasp came out of Luka while Jared froze and Khalil facepalmed

“That doesn’t ring a bell to you , does it? I scratched my head and muttered a ‘no’

“That’s the surname of the Alpha bloodline of Dusk Moon?”
“As in the pack that was once above ours and was wiped out in a matter of hours ?”
“But there were no recorded survivors and none have been heard of . The bodies were beyond recognizable so no could tell how many people’s remains were there.”
“Like you said none recorded. Could it be that someone hid them or what ”
“Or they had already been preparing for this day” Jared confessed

“What do you mean?”
“Something is really off about all of them not in an evil way but not in a good way either. Berry is hiding something big and she has until Saturday to confess”
“Are you going to punish her if she doesn’t” Luka said
Jared ignored him

“Priss also said there are secrets she isn’t ready to confess but we already figured some of that out” I said

So that’s why she made that slip-up when she tried to runaway. She has alpha-blood in her.

“How about Zadie? Did she tell you anything?” Khalil asked

“No ” he frowned ” She won’t even talk to me without avoiding my gaze or cowering in fear”
“Something happened to her that made her scared of me or the mate bond I guess

“She was probably assaulted” Jared deadpanned

“What the fuck asshole” I screamed ” You don’t just jump to conclusion like that”
“It’s actually just common sense. I bet 100 bucks it’s what happened”
“You two are not betting over my mate” Luka growled

“Whatever. The same way I suspect Berry is a half breed of our kind and the very specie that wiped out members of our kind ending all tiers with them.”

“You don’t mean she’s a ...” I asked

“I’m 70% sure she is. She has the off scent and the higher aura buzz kind of feeling”

“Whatever it may be, you guys need to report back to me when you get anything, understood”
“Yeah, yeah whatever dickhead” I said

“You are dismissed”

“What a shitty meeting” I muttered while having to deal with most of the paper work the asshole was too lazy to do. Being the Beta, he forced me to become his personal slave

Jared had gone to train while Luka went to do whatever shit he does and Khalil was probably thinking way too much about his mate. The exact same way I was which is why most of the emails and files I should have reviewed or sent have been left undone. She’s so perfect but I understand her fear of revealing her secret .

My dearest princesa, I really hope you aren’t mad when I come clean to you. I told you I would wait and I tried to but it’s inevitable ” I muttered kissing the top of her head as she slept

I’ve fallen too hard already and it’s only a matter of time before the bond begins to flex it’s true strength.


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