Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 27

Berry’s POV

I dismissed Malik as soon as he had helped me take all my stuff to our room. I sensed his fatigue and I didn’t want to keep him from seeing his family.

I was too tired to sort out my stuff so I took a shower, combed my fingers through my hair a bit before laying on our bed in a pair of shorts and an over sized plain t-shirt.

Jared was no where around and he hadn’t mind linked me all day and his walls were up. I gave into the darkness as sleep consumed feeling sad.

Movement and shifting of bodies woke me up. My eyelids fluttered open as my pale green eyes met his darker green ones.

“Jared” I whispered sitting up

“Hey. ”

“Hey” I replied looking at my now folded hands in my laps

He grasped my chin forcing me to look him in the eye

“What did I say about hiding from me?”
“Oh, um sorry”

He let my chin go before pulling me unto his lap and burying his nose in my neck.

" I missed your scent all day.”

“Why was your link blocked?” I asked
“I was busy.”
“I see”

" I think I might have figured out part of your secret though” and with that I tried to crawl off his lap

“Stop. Fucking. Moving. ” he growled into my ear.

A very tingly feeling went from there all the way to my southern lips when he said that. Is it even normal to be turned on by the sound of your mate’s voice. Either way I seized immediately until I felt something poking my ass.

“Fuck” he muttered before gently moving me off his lap

“You just created a problem you can’t solve, baby” he said standing up

That was when my eyes zeroed in on the very evident bulge in his pants and widened in shock

“Mission accomplished” Bree snickered while I gulped.

“Ar-are you sure. I mean I’m your mate. Aren’t things like this supposed to be normal.”

“Yes but I don’t want to rush you because of my physical desire only.”

He sat back down a little calmer but the primal hunger in his eyes told me otherwise.

“What do you think I am?” I asked

“A half breed of the very race that wiped out your pack”

3rd Person’s POV

He was right. Berry was indeed a half-breed of the very race that wiped out her pack and she had no reason to deny it. It was simply the truth and honest to God the truth hurt most of the time.

Deciding sleep wasn’t important anymore, she stood up to sort out her shopping bags.

“What are you doing? Come back to bed.” Jared said

“I-I’m not tired anymore. You sleep. I’ll just sort out my stuff.”

“Berry” Jared said standing up

“Yes” she said still fiddling with the bags

“Come back to bed”

“I’m fine” she replied pulling a shirt out of the bad and a couple of dresses before hanging them up.

Jared stood up using the same technique he used when she was running from him a day ago and stood behind her.

" Come back to bed, baby” he said wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her away from the closet.

" This doesn’t change how I feel about you. Don’t ignore me”
Berry could feel the heat from his skin and a poke in her ass that she knew all too well as a certain part of his body.

She let him pull her away from the closet which was still 90% empty.

Getting into bed, she crawled unto the left side with her backside to her mate.

Jared couldn’t deny the effect her body had on him. The fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear of any sort didn’t help the situation.

When he came, the comforter was rolled around her feet and her skimpy pajama shorts hid nothing. The over sized shirt she had on didn’t hide much either. Her untamed breasts hung freely under the shirt.

There was no hiding because her body was meant to be admired. Petite but filled out thoroughly in the right places, Jared had little control. Any little teasing would drive him to the point of madness.

Pulling her closer he whispered ” Can you feel what you do to me?”

Berry gulped not used to freely being so intimately close to a man.

“Answer me” he growled when she took too long to respond


Her innocence was going to kill him before he could get a taste of her body.

“Your body is mine to dominate, Berry. Don’t hide it from me. ” he said possessively laying his hand on her stomach.

“Just as mine is yours ” And like that both of them where knocked into a consciousness of bliss with their physical bodies paying clear attention to one another.


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