Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 2

Mason's POV

We made the decision to leave for good. We couldn’t stay here any longer. It was a great place for a rogue camp but it just wasn’t right for us. I always felt this longing that we never belonged here that there was so much greatness just waiting to happen.

We set out after dawn and the our now ex friends told us the nearest human town was about 150 miles from here. We were planning on going to that town to actually finding a purpose in our lives instead of just sleeping, eating and being alert waiting for an attack to happen. That’s how meaningless our lives where.

“It’s about 150 miles north from here. You can’t miss it if you are on the right track”

“Thanks Mira, it means a lot.

“No problem kiddo, just hope your following the right path. Follow your gut, the mind isn’t always right”.

“Thanks again but I think we know what we are doing”

Mira was like a mother to us and it was kind of hard saying goodbye to her but it had to be done.

Which leads us to where we are now......

“We are officially lost ”

“No we are not, Priss”

“Zadie, tell Mason we are lost”

“We are lost”

“Uggh , but at least Berry still has faith in me”

“Right Berry, right Berry, Berryyyyy”

“WHATTT!!!!! Sorry but you guys just have to check this out”

I turned around to look at what Berry was talking about and there it was..

“WOW, that is the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen in my rogue life and believe me I have seen a lot”

“Yeah, we know Priss we have technically been in your rogue life since the very beginning”

“Details, details”

“Guys, is it me or does the air around us fee different like we aren’t supposed to be anywhere near here??”

This isn’t going as planned at all. Suddenly, I heard a growl from my right and the sweet woodsy smell of fresh cinnamon invaded my nose. That scent that is like an addicting drug can’t get enough of, then I knew for sure that my freedom as a rogue was over.

“Mate, go meet mate”

“Don’t you think I would have happily done that only if I wasn’t on pack territory, if I wasn’t a rogue and if he was in human form.” I replied

Stacy whimpered at my outburst but I couldn’t help it. What was I supposed to do now.

3 other different growls designated from around us. Yup, we were so dead.

I mind linked the others

"Guys, we have to run on my command, okay”

“But Megan wants to stay, she can sense our mate”

“So does Anna ” “And Bree”

Megan is Prissy’s wolf, Anna is Zadie’s wolf and Bree is Berry’s wolf.

Just great, we all happened to be cornered by our mates on pack territory. But they didn’t want to attack us. They seemed curious and above my mates alluring scent I could tell this was his pack and he was very high ranking.

We all backed up against each other while they were approaching while I was contemplating whether we should really stay or go. I mean my friends look up to me and I really didn’t want to lead them wrongly.

“But to be honest Mason, I thought you would tell us to attack or something”, Priss said

“These aren’t you average wolves, they are leaders and our mates. The mate bond can really screw with your head.”

“But damn, their wolves are hot don’t ya think girls especially that golden blonde one with the emerald eyes. So dreamy” Priss said

May I add, my mate had one sexy wolf. With his very black coat and sky blue eyes. This was such an overused line but I guess now I know the reason why. I could totally get lost simply staring into them.

“Fake surrender then when I give the signal, you run and run and run. Got it. Do not attack, I repeat do not attack. Mates touching or being way too close to each other can really mess with your head.

What I didn’t expect was for him to shift stark naked like after his first shift.

Shit. He must not catch me staring. Look only neck up. Dammit. I couldn’t help but let my eyes just roam a little bit right.When you see a bucket of ice-cream waiting to be devoured, you devour it and when you see one hot body, you definitely admire it. My mate sure put time into perfecting that Adonis like body. I mean werewolves are naturally fit but this, this was extraordinarily fit. No way was I looking below the waist. Nudity doesn’t phase us but when its your mate, your body is your own enemy and besides I am not a pervert . Or was I ?

I laughed silently to myself. Stacy had gone awfully quiet. I guess she was still stunned by his beauty.

He came closer and closer to me until he was within breathing distance.

“What is your name, sweet mate?”


“A sexy name for my fiery mate but I guess you didn’t think I would figure that you would try and run away. Typical rogue reflex”


“Plan is still a go, don’t give up just yet guys”

I swiftly put my hands on his shoulders and kneed him in the groin. Hard may I add but not too hard to in-fertilize him. I mean we are gonna have babies eventually.

There was no fighting the mate bond. I could feel the sparks when I touched touched his shoulders, it was there when I kneed him and it was there when he was in breathing distance. I did not want to end up like others who went through unnecessary heartbreak.

“There’s no running away babe, we wolves love a good chase

I smirked” And so do I”


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