Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 28

Khalil’s POV

Mason. Her name alone sent a shiver down my spine. Her arrogance and pride meant to match mine in a twisted form called the mate bond.

This woman had guts and was rude to the point of madness. She didn’t care and I loved it still. She challenged me in every way she could apart from the time she apologized. I wanted her to meet me head on and never shy away ’cause that wasn’t who she was.

A smirk made it’s way to my lips as she punched me. I wanted a reaction and I got a fucking good one.

Pulling both her hands to mine, I turned her until her back was pressed firmly against my chest. She couldn’t move and I could sense her anger increasing with each passing second.

“Do you really think you can overpower an Alpha?” I asked

“Let. Me. Go.” she growled

“Why? You can’t help yourself”

She continued to struggle against me

“Tsk. Tsk. Can’t help yourself I see”

She just growled in response.

“Let’s make a deal shall we?”

“What could you possibly want that you don’t already have?”

“The answer is simple.”

Her breathe hitched before she began struggling even harder

" I would never give myself to an arrogant son of a bitch like you”

I snorted ” Look whose calling me arrogant. You are the most hot-headed she-wolf I have ever encountered.

" That’s because most females are too stupid to realize their true strengths.”

Turning her over that she was now facing me, one of my hands gripped her waist while the other rested on her hip. My eyes narrowed at her.

“And you think, you’ve realized yours”

“I know I have” she replied with a smirk before pulling her knee up aiming for a very delicate part of my body.

I used my leg to block hers but fuck it still hurt

“You can’t use the same trick twice. You of all people should know that.” I said

“Just what exactly do you want Khalil” she said

" I already told you”

“What do you want from me?”

“Attention. I can’t stand you ignoring me.”

“You have got to be fucking me” she muttered

“Do you really want that”

“Not what I meant pervert” she said shoving me and this time I released her as my eyes raked down her form

Bare feet in a night gown and her hair slightly tousled. Her rounded and short form looked absolutely ravishing.

“Stop eye-fucking me” she said

“Can’t help myself. Your body screams ‘fuck me’”

“Pervert ” she snorted

" I can’t give you what you want Alpha, so deal with it”

“Yes you can”

“I don’t have to pay attention to someone who isn’t adding value to my life” she said

“You don’t even know what I have to offer” I said slightly irritated

" Actually I think I do” she said as her eyes examined my whole body with a seductive look

“You really don’t like anything about me apart from my body”

“Uhu” she replied

“Then you can have it” I said testing the waters

Mason’s POV

I eyed Khally with the most sultry look I could muster but before I could say or do anything my stomach interrupted the air filled with sexual tension.

He burst out laughing while I looked away annoyed.

“That is the cutest thing that has ever happened to you since our first encounter.”

I snorted “If I am anything, it is definitely not cute so fuck off” I said

Digging around the cupboards in search of something edible since I couldn’t cook for shit.

“What are you looking for?” he asked

I ignored him then I realized that the top shelf where I got the plates before had another cupboard stocked with snacks beside.

Stepping on my tip toes, I reached out for a box of cookies called ′ Oreos’.

" Mason?” Khally growled

“What?” I snapped turning to look at him like really look at him

His blue eyes where turning to the navy blue shade that I had come to realize turned to either when he was horny or angry.

“Did I mistakenly tease you again Alpha”

“Don’t call me that?”
“It’s your title or isn’t it?”
“I don’t give a fuck. Just don’t call me that”


I clutched the box of cookies in one hand while going over to the fridge to pick a box of apple juice but this one was the same brand but in a bigger plastic bottle.

Leaning on the counter with an absolutely stupid smirk on his face, Khally looked more composed than he did a few moments ago.

" Teasing me like that isn’t going to do you any good, babe”

I snorted “Who said it was intentional. I’m not the one who makes these sleep gowns so freakishly short?”

" But you seem to like showing off that ass a lot instead of asking for help”

" I would rather stab Berry than ask you for help.”

“Arrogant are we”

“Just shut up and leave me alone will you”

“Nope. I enjoy our bickering since it’s the second one of two ways you would give me attention.”

“You’re acting like a love sick pup”

“Who said I wasn’t”

I brushed passed him ignoring his last statement and made my way to my room with my midnight snacks . They were going to be my company for a while and I intended for them to be my only company.

3 eaten packets of the cookies and half of the apple juice remaining later

A knock resounded on my door

" Go away Khally” I said not looking up from the phone I had been fiddling with

" I need attention” he grumbled

" Go and sleep . I don’t have time for all this drama”

“Come on baby”

“One, don’t call me that and two no”

5 minutes later

“Didn’t I fucking tell you to leave me the fuck alone” I glared at him as he barged in

" I don’t fucking care” he said shutting my door behind him”

He even had the audacity to sit on my bed and just blatantly stare at me like I was a fucking piece of chicken

" Staring is rude” I said

" I don’t care” he replied

His close proximity was oddly comforting but his scent was slowly driving me crazy

Before I knew it, he was lifting me and pulling me onto his lap.

“How dare you fucking touch me” I cussed struggling to get out of his death grip

He cursed in a very unknown language to me .

" Would you just stop. If you won’t talk to me, would you at least just let me touch you. I’ve given you space but your absence is fucking killing me”

I snorted

“You call this space” I said still struggling

" Indeed I do”

“Well then you are mistaken” I said struggling even more

5 minutes of struggling and both of cussing at each other

I finally gave up which is usually unlike me but the mate bond had a very funny technique so I ended up just sighing deeply and resting in his very muscular arms as he buried his nose in my neck constantly inhaling my scent.

" You know Khally, I hate you very much”

“Hmm” he responded

“Asshole” I muttered

“And you’re my ass wipe” he responded

I just scoffed at him

I continued fiddling with my phone and finished my midnight meal then suddenly a huge yawn came out of my mouth.

I guess sleep finally decided to come

" You can get out now mate, I want to sleep”

“Then sleep”

“I’m not going to sleep in the same room as you no less the same bed”

" Must you fight me on everything Mason”

“I guess since most of your decisions are shitty”

“This is normal between mates so just sleep”

" In case, you have forgotten, we aren’t normal mates and I don’t care what’s normal between mates, release me and get out of the fucking room”

“No” he adamantly insisted on carefully clutching me while moving to lay down

“Sleep baby, you can hate me tomorrow” he said

" I already hate you” I responded

“Same thing”

I secretly enjoyed his presence and wanted him to stay but my damn stubbornness wouldn’t allow it until I eventually lost to his physical strength.

Pulling the duvet or comforter over both of us, he whispered ” Goodnight love” before I was plunged into a dark abyss of sleep.


So y’all please don’t kill me. I don’t know if you guys were expecting the smut just yet but chill a lil ’cause this is still the 3rd day I think. Anyways I’m speeding things up but not to fast.

Also lately I’ve been writing in 3rd persons POV a lot

Tell me which one you guys prefer down below

1st Person’s POV

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Hope you enjoyed

Comment wherever below for which couple’s smut you think is gonna be first and for those who don’t read smut, anytime there’s a smutty chapter there will be a warning and another update just for you guys.

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And your opinions guys, do you think Mason needs to tone it down, if you do then it means that I’ve portrayed her well and she ain’t toning down.

Please be patient for her character improvement.

Stay tuned for more

Hope you enjoyed it






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