Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 29

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Love you guys so much.Mason’s POV

Waking up beside Khally provided the best sleep I could ever ask for.

My hands and legs had voluntarily surrendered themselves to wrapping around his body like a personal blanket.

Opening my eyes as sunlight streamed in from the curtain, I mentally cursed myself for succumbing to the desires of the mate bond

“You and I both wanted it. No need to deny it” my wolf Stacy said

I sighed because that was simply the truth. Khally couldn’t hear my thought anymore because I made sure my wall was always up.

Carefully, trying to untangle myself from my mate, a hand shot out and grabbed unto my ass as my legs let go.

“Don’t fucking grope me, you pervert” I cursed at him as I desperately tried to remove his hands

His sleepy eyes blinked open before he realized what he had done and a smirk played on his lips.

" You sure about that sleepy head”

( a/n I don’t know how people usually deal with morning breathe cuz eww so imma skip it lol)

" Fuck off Khalil” I said pushing him away from me

I stood up pulling my night gown down and looked at Khally

His beautiful midnight black hair was tousled and scattered making him look silly and he looked absolutely relaxed.

“Enjoying the view” he said smirking with his eyes closed

" No so get the fuck up and get out. I have plans that do not involve you”

Using one arm to support his head as he looked up, his muscled flexed under the movement

“Plans?” he scoffed ” What fucking plans do you have that do not involve me?”

“None of your business” I said

Standing up and stalking towards me like a predator until I used my hand to stop him so I won’t be cornered to a wall, he said ” Everything that you do is definitely my business mate especially since there is evident lack of trust in this relationship.”

“And whose fault is that?”
“Says the one who lied about her past”
“My past is none of your business so stick your nose out of it Alpha" I said then shoved him out of the way before entering the bathroom.

Coming out of the bathroom, thankfully he was gone, I brought out a short black jumpsuit not forgetting my undergarments.

I paired it with black large hoops, some gold and black bracelets and a cute but bad ass pair of boots and a small bag to keep my phone, my air puds and some Oreos I plan on taking with me.

a/n hope you guys like her outfit. its something i would totally wear)

Feeling very satisfied with my choice of clothing, I put on a robe I got and began to tackle my African kinky hair.

It was a tough battle between the knots and the combs which threatened to break anytime I pulled to hard. Oiling it soothed my scalps and my hair looked better.

Packing my hair into one big fluffy bun, I tied it with a spare shoe lace I bought firmly. I put on a my clothes then looked myself in the mirror even blowing a few kisses to myself because Khally was certainly missing out.

You see the thing is I actually wanted to go to the pack houses today to give that bitch Michelle a taste of her own medicine. I will create a fight and end it because I fucking loved conflict but I knew Khally would insist on going with me.

I just wanted to make him feel bad that I wasn’t spending any quality time with him. Call me a sadist if you may but I loved to see people beg me.

Going down the stairs and entering the kitchen with a purse big enough to accommodate a bottle of water, I went in and as usual saw Khally there except this time he was dressed in black jeans and a plain white t-shirt. Who knew the Alpha was a bad boy?

I ignored him as always as he was looking at his phone which looked identical to the one I had.

Deciding what to eat I chose a box of cereal of some sort with no sugar. Must be some healthy protein cereal.

Having said that, I picked a bowl, poured just a little of the cereal into it and then milk. I took a spoon of it and immediately spat it out. It tasted like absolute shit.

My sudden change in demeanor caused Khally to look in my direction. He scanned my face for any signs of injury then when he saw none he looked at my bowl and the cereal box before bursting out in heavenly laughter.

“You ate that nasty shit called muesli without sweetened yogurt or sugar”

“How was I supposed to know it would taste like absolute shit”

" It literally says no sugar added”

I looked at the box and sure enough it was there

“Fucking hell”I muttered

Khally stood up to look around the cupboards for sugar I guess while I grabbed a few paper towels to clean up my mess.

He sprinkled lets say about 1 table spoon of brown sugar into my small meal before mixing it and holding the spoon out for me.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I said giving him a deadpanned look.

“Trying to feed you obviously”

“Do I look like a fucking juvenile to you”

“No. You are an arrogant and ungrateful she-wolf who also happens to be my mate so open your fucking mouth”

“No” I said trying to snatch my spoon from him but he only raised it higher due to our freakish height difference.

“You’re such a dick”

“And you act like a pussy”

“Too bad I don’t give a fuck”

“Who said I did either”

“Whatever. Just give it to me”


Sighing deeply, I went to the drawers and picked up a different spoon but as I turned round, he was holding my bowl up.

Giving up, I grabbed another box of the Oreos cookies I had last night or this morning and proceeded to go back upstairs.

“I though you had plans”

“I do”

“Which include lazing around after getting dressed looking smoking hot”

“You dampened my normally sour mood”

“Says the conceited one”

“Stop calling me proud” I said suddenly pushing him causing the bowl of shit to spill on him.”

" I love your reactions”

“Then you’re a fucking sadist”

“Too bad because it’s one of my beautiful character traits” He said with a smirk mimicking me

“Fuck off prick”

“No. I want you to come with me”

“I’m going going anywhere with you”

“It’s too one of the pack houses and I’ll be to busy doing boring Alpha shit. You might as well give ‘that bitch’ as you like to say a piece of your mind” he said looking cocky

He sure read my mind. Maybe he isn’t as stupid as I think he is

“Everyone is stupid to you babe” Stacy said

“True though” I replied

“You know what, I might as well come but if I start a fight don’t be surprised. I don’t give a fuck on what the council has to say”

“Just as expected Luna ”

“Don’t call me that”

“It’s your title isn’t it” he said mimicking me again

" Just don’t . I prefer Alpha. It’s more bad ass”

“What are you gender fluid?”

“Hell no. Because I’m certain I got great boobs, perfect ass and a fucking vagina”


“Couldn’t agree more” he said offering his hand to me”

I ignored it walking past him out of the door feeling giddy with a sadistic smile on my face. Honest to God, he should have expected me to shrug his hand away even if he tried to hold it .


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