Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 30

Mason’s POV

Walking shoulder to shoulder to whichever one of the pack houses Khally was telling me about, I was effectively planning the best way to execute my devious plan.

“You don’t actually plan on fighting her, do you?”

“What do you take me for?”
The look in his eyes said it all

“Then you should know the answer to that yourself”

Coming up to a building with 3 identical ones not too far from it, I marveled at the expertise of detail and beauty of it.

“Who ever planned this buildings definitely has good taste” I said out loud

" And if I said it was I ”

“I take it back but it can’t be an unofficial Alpha. There have been many generations before ours”

Walking ahead of him into the large building, I opened the massive doors and the whole room of wolves of different shapes, sizes , colors and scents stopped all they were doing. The indistinct chatter seized as once and the absolutely disgusting scent of fear reeked.

Oops! I guess I still smile like rogue besides I haven’t been introduced into the pack formally nor have I been here long.

" What are you all fucking staring at?” I hissed out harshly

Nearly everyone flinched at the tone, loudness and cruelty of my tone but I could care less. Even some of the pups around began to cry.

" I advice you all stay out of my fucking way unless you wanna get on my bad side. Are we clear?”

“And who the hell do you think you are?” said a bold voice in the background. It was coming from a she-wolf in skimpy clothes and heavy make-up

" I am your f-” my other words got muffled as a hand covered my mouth from behind. Coming from the sparks I was all too familiar with, I knew who it was.

" Excuse me members of Blood Moon Pack, some of you are not aware yet but this is my mate Alpha Mason. Unfortunately, she is not as respectful as courteous as all of us would have wanted but I am blessed to have her. You can swallow up any resentment you have towards her and not get on her bad side as she has said. She will be formally introduced hopefully soon and Michelle I apologize on her behalf” Khally said

So the bitch in skimpy clothes was here in the flesh, how lucky for me.

I think Khally felt me smirk against his hand because I could feel his glare boring into me from behind.

Pulling me away from the crowd of hurt pack members, we entered an elevator or escalator, I think. I don’t remember the difference from my childhood and it’s been a while since I’ve been in one or even seen one.

When the door ‘dinged’ open, he pulled me inside before releasing his hold on my lips. Before he released it, I made a few licks to get him to remove his hand but he was persistent on keeping it there.

“What the bloody hell do you think you were doing?” he said

Before I could respond, the damn thing moved and the unfamiliar feeling caused me to become dizzy and tumble forward.

Lucky for me, Khally happened to be very cliche and catch me in his arms before I could fall flat on my face.

My head softly hit his chest as the fluids in my gut threatened to spill out.

“What the fuck” I managed to spill out while he muttered ‘shit’

" Sorry. I forgot the anti-gravitational feeling of an elevator can make one nauseous” he said while softly rubbing my back while I groaned

“I hate you” I muttered

" I know, I know you fucking do”I heard him whisper

The elevator stopped for some time and some pack members stiffened.

To them it was odd to see their ‘Alpha’ embracing a female when he hadn’t met his mate according to them who clearly smelt like rogue. They said nothing as I got used to the unfamiliar feeling as he rubbed my lower back.

It stopped again and they stepped out as I felt much better.

“You can let go of me now, Khally”

“Sure” he said but he tightened his hold on me

" I mean it” I said more energized because it felt like I thrived on adrenaline.

Instead his hand slid down from my back to underneath my jumpsuit shorts.

“Pervert” I spat at him as I moved away from him.

" Now I know you’re much better.”

“By me moving away from your comfort and touch?”

“As much as I like that, no. The fact that you called me a pervert is”

“Whatever” I said as the elevator door opened to reveal a floor different to the other ones we stopped at.

Walking out , he grasped my hand with a lot of protest from me but held unto it regardless so I secretly relished the feeling.

He showed me the Delta and Beta’s offices and a gigantic library and storeroom which he said were personally set up as only leaders of the pack had the authority to come up here out of free will.

Lastly, we entered his office which as I expected was slightly messy but looked cozy nonetheless. I plopped down on the couch in the corner and opened my phone since it was the only thing to keep me company.

“Khally?” I called and he hummed in response

“None of the apps in my phone seem to be working, it keeps saying connect to a WiFi network but my WiFi is on.

" That’s not how it works baby”

“Show me” I insisted

He thoroughly explained to me how I have to connect to a different WiFi network as I go from place to place but to be careful of hackers or if I don’t want that then I have to buy mobile data.

Since I didn’t have the latter, he helped me connect to this pack house WiFi as he attended to his Alpha duties.

With my growling stomach and cramped feet, I decided I would explore. Although I had the Oreos which I had come to love very much in my purse , I had anterior motives.

Standing up, I didn’t bother telling Khally where I was going but he stopped me as soon as I opened the door

“And where do you think you are going” he said still scrolling through his laptop

“I’m hungry ”

“You have Oreos”

“I want to socialize”

" I think you’ve done enough of that”

“Fine. I’m going to put your ex of a bitch in her place since I’m bored”

“Mason, come here”


“Mason” he repeated threateningly

“I’m not your lapdog”

“Would you just get your sexy ass over here”


Turning his swivel chair he said he put his beautiful arms around me firmly before looking up at me with his mesmerizing blue eyes “Don’t do anything stupid. I know you want to fight her, I can feel it but please don’t. Don’t give people more reasons to hate you” he said

“They can hate me for all I care ” I scoffed

“Please” he said

“Fine” I obliged

A little lying never hurt anybody right. Absolutely fucking wrong, lying made people feel a shit load of pain but as the sadist I am, I don’t give a fuck.

I may like my mate a bit but doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop being bitchy when I feel like it.

Maybe just maybe my attitude is worse than hers but again I don’t give a fuck.

I managed to get downstairs with the elevator safely. People stayed clear of me and I liked the way they feared me.

Upon entering the kitchen, the one who I had been looking for was there with her bitch scent all around as well as the scent of recent guys she must have fucked.

Fucking whore

“Hi, are you Michelle?” I asked with a fake smile

Flipping her blonde hair with fake extensions ( a/n Dork diary Mackenzie line heheheheh) over her shoulder, with an even faker smile she answered ” Yes, who is asking?


Stay tuned for more

Hope you enjoyed it





Love you guys so much.


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